10... 9... 8...

Why do countdowns always start at 10?? I mean, in order to not miss the countdown, if you're watching TV, you end up watching for like hours and if you're not watching TV, it takes way longer than 10 seconds to turn on the TV and find the channel and then its too late.

Why do they show you other people celebrating their countdown in other timezones? Is it so we can confirm nothing bad is going to happen to us at the stroke of midnight? And what do the people who live in the timezone that strikes midnight first watch? Do they watch the people who live in the latest timezone celebrate New Years from last year?

And did you know we have overlapping timezones? For example, people who live in Honolulu and the Line Islands clocks will look identical, but the calendars in the Line Islands will be a day in the future? How is that even possible?!? So if you're from Honolulu, give my fondest farewell to 2009 and this past decade. And if you're from the Line Islands, won't you please let us know how 2010's doing? And all of you, no matter when you're going to be ringing in the New Year, I wish you the very, very best for 2010!

Still reading huh?? Figured I had another countdown to talk about? Well you're right...

So, there was another item that I was counting down and that was how many followers I needed until I reached 50. I reached it a couple weeks ago, and to the delight of my Big Sis it has kept going. So, yes I was able to get release and I thanks you all so, so much for that! But, you'd think being locked up would be humiliating enough to satisfy my Big Sis, but absolutely not! She made sure I was all trussed up like a girl, and I had to catch the moments of escape on camera for public display. You have no idea how embarrassing it is to be finally free, with all sorts of thoughts spinning in your head, but at the same time your senses are bombarded with your feminine self. I hope these pictures are worth you counting towards this goal, because I already cashed in my prize.

belt off 2 belt off 1

A Chrissy Christmas

Hey Gang!

So, yes my big sister made me do some holiday poses. I took them and sent them to her for approval... (I'm sure she'll approve them, they are that horrible. But, I figure it was a good stall tactic! And it worked!) but she hasn't said either way. But, the good news is I sneaked in some better poses. Well, ok they aren't exactly manly poses, but I was working with what she made me wear. I know this sounds odd, but compared to what she made me do, I'm actually so much happier I get to post these poses instead. Hmmm... maybe my tactic didn't work. What do you think??

Christmas 09 pose 1 Christmas 09 pose 2

Well, either way I just want to say thanks to those who subscribed and those who comment! Despite which side your on, I know it takes effort to put in a comment or subscribe and participate, so thanks.

And I truly wish everyone has a safe, happy and magical holiday!

The New reTooled... 2.0... 3GS...

Hey all,

So before I start my post I just want to remind those of you who haven't to go ahead and click on that little "Follow" button along the right hand side, and make sure you follow publicly otherwise it won't count toward that number. Don't worry, by public they don't mean they are going to post all your personal info, it just means your profile will show up along the right. And if your profile is blank its just like following anonymously. If you haven't seen my previous post... don't look! All you need to know is that I need 50 followers and at the time of writing this I was at 48.

OK! Good news! I think I just struck a deal with my Big Sis. I didn't think it was possible, but I must have been on my "A" game and I think we may have been softened by the holiday spirit. She still has planned a couple of different "photo shoots" for the next little while, but she said I don't always have to be posting photos of me. I just have to go out into the vast Interwebs and just find pictures of girls, outfits, and/or poses I think are pretty and appeal to me and explain why.

I'll still have to take pics, but how we decide what kind isn't exactly clear to me yet, but she said I'd have A LOT more input, so I guess I can't complain as of yet. She also said your comments and on which pics would be taken into consideration somehow... but, just take your cue from me and I think everything will be fine.

So to make sure I understand the concept or test-pilot or something, she wanted me to post one up tonight. So here's the image:

The obvious place to start is to say that I think anyone would be happy to see a girl in this pose, wearing this lingerie in their bedroom. Her body and look is just so feminine. I've spent more than a few moments staring at her gorgeous lips, her matching nail polish, bedtime hair and super sexy bow. Her lingerie has that perfect balance of modern seductress (cut and fabric) and vintage pinup(pattern and ruffle details).

What do you all think about the pose and outfit? Please comment as I really want this to work, and rest assured my Big Sis will read your responses.

Signs: You're in Trouble

I'm absolutely dreading this post. When I saw what my Big sis has done, I felt ill, helpless, and doomed...

It all started with this clothing demand. When I first started dressing, it was all about quantity as a way to explore. So I'd visit sites like eBay looking for lots of clothing on the cheap. In hindsight this may not have been a great idea as I usually pick a lot of clothing based on really wanting one or two items amongst the pile. And after being somewhat selective as time went on, I now have a pile of girls clothes but I really only like a small fraction of them.

So why am I telling you this? In one of the lots, one of the tops that I considered a throw in had a cheeky slogan on it. I can only assume this girl had grown up and wanted to get rid of some of her more... rebellious clothes. Let me be perfectly clear: In no way does this shirt describe me, my personality, or my sexual orientation. In fact, its quite the opposite. So years later when my Big Sis started to insist on more types of photos, I sent her pics of the various clothes I had. I certainly did not want her to know about this shirt, but I must have accidentally gotten it in frame or I missed cropping it or something. She's been holding this top over my head for the longest time. I guess for her, she just wasn't going to be denied her cruel fun.

Usually, she'll torment me with something really bad (like this shirt), and I have to beg and plead and compromise on other things to try and limit the damage. That's right; the pictures you usually see here are not as bad as originally envisioned by my Big Sis. But not this time. She insisted over and over on this outfit. There was no negotiation. Period. She didn't budge on a thing. I had to wear these items specifically. And I had to hold up a big piece of blank paper. And she wanted it right away. I tried to delay things by asking her for specific poses and such, but it wasn't any good.

So, I got ready and when the time came to take the pictures I had to think of how to hold this sign. I didn't know what I was doing, and I wasn't enjoying the passing minutes in the getup. So, I just took pictures of any pose I could think of. I figured if one of the poses pleased her, then at least she wouldn't make me get in this getup again and redo the pictures... and then probably punish me on top of it.

So once I sent her the pictures, I had to sit and wait. My mind would race with thoughts on people seeing me in the shirt and getting the wrong idea about me (which based on the comments I get, I'd say my Big Sis has been very successful at giving people the wrong idea about me). Then, my mind would go sick trying to think of what she was possibly going to superimpose on that blank piece of paper. But, my Big Sis disappeared for a while. So, after almost a week, I forgot about it... and that's when I heard from her.

I'll admit that my mind had thought she would be crueler... but, when she told me to post them to multiple locations, that's when the real feeling of dread settled into my stomach. All I can ask for is that you please don't say anything disgusting in the comments and please understand that my top does NOT describe me, my personality, or my sexual orientation. She made me wear it in order to maximize my humiliation and emasculation.










... Give Me Something Good to Eat!

Hey peeps!

I hope you've had a very fun and safe Halloween weekend.

I remember running up to houses and shouting Trick or Treat... Give me something good to eat! And then a friendly neighbor would come out and gush over my costume... well actually they'd usually ask because it's so cold here by Halloween that you had your costume on underneath your heavy winter jacket, gloves, and toque. But, what matters is that they'd send me away with my treat-filled pillow case ever so slightly heavier. As a kid, October 31 was always circled on my calendar.

You have have noticed that I haven't been updating much lately. My big sis has been occupied by other things and has left me quite alone. So awesome, right? And you all better be happy for me too. The last thing I need is people on her side; she's bad enough all by herself. So when the cats away... uh, the mouse gets cheese... hmm, dish and spoon take off... er, Chrissy doesn't have to do humiliating post blogs. You get the idea!

Of course when Halloween was coming up, my big sis sent me a couple quick emails to make sure I couldn't get away with anything on today. No army man costume, superhero outfit, or cowboy getup... Well, she didn't say that specifically but she implied I had better get dressed up. And that was it... no costumes picked out... no poses sent to me as examples. Just a note saying I better have a costume for Halloween.

So what was I to do? I mean, I don't think I want to be a girl... er, I know I don't want to be a full time girl... I mean, I don't want to be a girl! But, here I was with no force, no guidance, not even a real threat of punishment if I didn't comply.

But, so what? I mean this is the one day of the year where people dress to pretend, right? Big jocks dressed as geeks, the quiet girl dressed like a sexy kitten and the cute kid dressed like a scary vampire. This is the day where people dress as who they aren't. So, in a way... it kinda makes sense that I got a girlie costume, right?

And it wasn't that bad. I mean, without my big sis trying to put me in humiliating outfits and poses that are over-sexualized for a girl, let alone a guy. Without the humiliating context that big sis put on it, I didn't have that feeling of dread that would sit in the pit of my stomach with every flash of the camera.

So I got all dressed up. Not with some horrible costume or with the intention of getting candy and not under duress. I got dressed in a feminine costume that I picked out. And I took pictures of poses. Not ones that my sis picked and I worried and freaked out over. I took pictures of poses that I came up with. I've even still in the costume as I type this. I mean it's still another 2 hours before November comes so it's ok, right?

Of course being all grown up, I can't exactly go out and get some free chocolate and candy. Yet, with each passing minute of October 31 and my brain just starts to focus on sweets. Gosh, I REALLY need to wrap my lips around something right about now...

Spread Dread

Hello dedicated reader,

So, I guess my big sis was pretty happy about the response I got to the lingerie pics a couple posts back. But, now she think that this other pic she made me take isn't getting enough TLC from eyes other then hers and mine. Of course, it was never mentioned to me that this pic would be for public viewing. She just threw it in with the other ones and said I better take a pic of each pose. So, here it is... *sigh*

And just as proof I'm also posting the original picture so you don't think I just come up with my own poses or anything. Typically the way it works is:
  • My big sis and I will chat
  • She tells me to go visit a link
  • The pit of my stomach drops and I get scared and nervous
  • My heart sinks as I see the image associated to the link
  • Big sis coolly describes my outfit while I try and protest
  • Sometimes she'll describe difference she wants me to do from the pose
  • She'll point out some Sword of Damocles she has hanging over me that cinches that I'll do the photo as she instructs
Wash, rinse, repeat for every photo you see of me.

So lastly, I didn't get a lot of responses to my last post. And I don't want to bore people with my Vegas story if that's not what you're interested in reading about here on the blog. So, if you do want to hear it, please put a comment in the previous post, and if not, keep doing what you're doing and I won't bring it up again.

It'll (Pedi)Cure What Ails Ya

So I'm back from my Vegas Vacation. I still have my shirt so I guess that means I survived. So I have a couple more things to discuss about. On one of my last days I went to the Carnegie Deli and got a two-pound deli sandwich.

So before I get a slew of childish comments in reference to this...
- Yes my mouth was watering when I saw all that meat.
- No, I could not fit all that meat in my mouth.
- Yes, I found the meat tasty and delicious.
- Yes, it was too much meat for me to handle.
- Yes, I felt absolutely stuffed from putting all that meat in my mouth.

So, now that those are out of the way, I'm hoping not to see any immature meat puns in the comments.

The other thing I did was get a pedicure before I left. Yes, a pedicure... with nail polish. I was always curious about what a pedicure would entail and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? So, I got one at a TG friendly salon that was close to my hotel. In fact the owner was a MtF TG person herself. The pedicure was very relaxing and soothing. After walking the Vegas Strip for the past week, it was a great cap to the vacation. I got it at the A Harmony Nail Salon and I'd recommend it in a heart beat.

So I might still have a story or two from Vegas, but I'm thinking the slogan should refer to at least something I did there. Maybe if there are enough comments, you can pry it out of me ;)

Beware of Imitators

Well as you can, my big sister's tentacle-like reach was even able to get me on vacation. I did not want to take that last picture on previous post, and I especially wasn't going to post it. Anyways, not too much to report on the vacation front except to say that I'm on a steady clip of completing every deadly sin.

My big sister did have one thing for me to pass along to you all. In a previous post, you were supposed to comment on which photo pose you wanted me to take. Well... thanks to your indecisiveness I had to take all 3 poses. You're supposed to be on my side, remember??

Well here it is... please comment.

Sinning in Sin City

I know it's been a long, long while. I was getting ready to go on a trip to Las Vegas! Full disclosure: I actually booked the trip to meet another CD who was supposed to show me around, but about a week before the trip, she stopped emailing me... so, I may not be dressing during this trip.

I'm been here 27 hours, and I've seen a lot!! I ate a $100 dinner, lost another $100 at the casino, saw my first Vegas show and showgirls show and seen some weird stuff on the monorail!!

More disclosure: I have not had this much to drink in one night since I was in high school, it's easier to find alcohol here than water.

The show I saw was called: Sin City Bad Girls. It was a neat first show to see. The female singer rocked and the Sin City girls were gorgeous. They looked so confident and sexy on stage despite the minimal amount of clothing they were wearing. I totally plan on seeing more shows while I'm here.

So the monorail... A very drunk couple got on the same monorail car as me. The guy looked in rough shape and the girl seemed very angry about that. Before we got to the next stop they both passed out! One of the better free shows I've seen ;p

Do any of you have any suggestions on things to do while I'm here??

Like y'know... whatever

So, my big sister chatted to me online a couple days ago. We were having a pleasant, real conversation which I found great... and then she had to bring up what I was wearing...

So, yes I opened the box and yes it contained the lingerie and yes I've had to wear one of those garments everyday.

So that day I had on the white satin and lace chemise. After she had her giggle... which by the way feels like a punch to the stomach. She so "innocently" asked me what I liked about it. Which is the equivalent of asking what was your favorite part of your root canal. When I said the one thing that I thought was best, that wasn't good enough. She continued to ask directed and biased questions until there were a few things that ended up being in the "like pile." She then said that there's a blog post right there... and she managed to snag me into one of her traps again. Ugh!!

So here is the stupid list of things I "like" about my white satin and lace chemise:
  • The satin is white and the lace accents are black so it looks like a very beautiful garment on its own.
  • Besides the pj set, this item provides the most coverage to my body.
  • The feel of the satin against my skin.
  • The way it slides against me as I move.
  • It shows off my legs nicely.
I think it should be obvious which "like" is actually mine.

She also demanded that I show three potential poses that I should do in this garment. And you guessed it, she had the examples all loaded and ready. I got no say or input at all. So, I don't know we'll call them poses 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

In no way have I agreed to take a photo in the winning pose and I promise you I will fight tooth and nail on this. I'll let my sis have her day in the sun by letting you vote, but she can't just take and take and take. So vote for one of these poses, OR vote for the happy 4th option which is to stand with me and tell my sis that I shouldn't have to take photos I don't want to.

Pandora's Parcel

So when I came home today there was this evil brown box delivered to me. It seemed just like every other brown cardboard box put through the rigors of the postal system... but this one is much more sinister.

There is no special marking on it.  The company name isn't emblazoned on it like other boxes, but this had an evil 3 word company describing where this package originated from.

I didn't have to open it.  I knew what was inside and so do you.  We've discussed the contents already on here.  And now it sits on my table, isolated and unopened.  I don't want it infecting other parts of my apartment.

Once that parcel is open, if my sister gets her way, those will be the items I wear consistently at home for the foreseeable future...

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get out of this??  If you're on my sister's side what do you think I should wear first?

We have just lost cabin pressure...

Best Served Cold?

Thanks for all of your comments on my series.  Each one counts... well until they get to three (not including mine).

So my sis wants me to post something and I refuse to do it.  She's been trying for the last couple days.  She's pulled out all the stops; threats, guilt trips, pouting, pleading... even negotiating which is something she never lets me do.

And despite all that I have refused.  Maybe those hormones are working just as I intended.  Well to a degree.  She said that my disobedience means that I am a bad girl and as such I should be spanked.

Which if you check the results of the poll, is no longer in the lead.  So, I don't think being spanked is relevant anymore, but my sis insistent.  So whatever, I've decided to post this picture and hopefully that will end her mood.

Hrmmm... maybe the hormones are just putting me on a time delay instead.

Paper or Plastic bonus

Again, thanks to all of you for your comments. For those of you that care, I got the Satin and Lace Babydoll in Violetta.

So, yes there is one more post. I know that seems odd because my sis said that I only need 5 pieces. And I would have been happy with any number less than 5 (including throwing lingerie away to get into the negatives), but I got a promo code. Long story short, if I spent a few more bucks to reach another threshold, the total would end up being cheaper than leaving the order as is. So, I got one more piece. And while yes, I know how some of you are going to react, my thinking was that if I have to buy this stuff, I wanted it to be the cheapest possible so I had more money for masculine things... plus, my sister said I would have to wear these items everyday, so it's not like another piece is going to change the length of time I have to wear all of these things anyway. So, here it is. This isn't the last piece I picked in case you were wondering, this was the piece I wanted to avoid the longest.

Cool satin gets hot in a racy teddy design with sexy open front, sparkling lace and front tie. Accented with lace, back crisscross ties. G-string back. I fail to understand how anyone reading that would then want to purchase this item. They'd literally freeze their butt off in a getup like this.

Anyways, this item comes in Black or Pucker Pink. I don't think the color makes a difference to someone like me in a getup like that.

So that's it. These are items my big sister wants me to wear everyday to sleep and lounge around in. What do you think? Which is your favorite? Did you think it made sense for me to buy an extra item? Should we start a pool on how soon I catch ill from overexposure? Please comment, comment, comment.

Paper or Plastic part 5

Thanks for all your comments on this to date.  It's nice to know you all have an opinion on what's going on one way or the other.  Because there were three comments on the last post, I'll let it be known that I chose the Satin and Lace Chemise in White.

So moving right along... I think anyone could agree that all the purchases I've revealed to date would be more than enough for a girl, let alone a guy who's being forced to wear them.  But, my big sister had a minimum of the number of pieces I was to purchase so there's more.  That's how mean my sister is; when she comes up with a humiliating idea, she always has to take it up to an unbearable level.  Anyways, here is another item I had to purchase:

A little bit romantic, a little bit racy. Smooth satin is accented with delicate lace and feminine triple bow detailing. Sexy side slit.  Another one of the items that my big sister picked out. 

It comes in White, Something Blue, Violetta, and Fredericks Pink. Please comment on which color you think I picked or which color you want to see me in.

If you ask me this item is completely impractical.  And for once, my big sister agreed... and that why she insist I pick it?!?!  Now, you would all have to agree that I'm in the right and she's in the wrong.  My sister's intent with these is so that I can "sleep in and wander around the house" in them.  Ludicrous, right??  We'll just see what happens.  Hopefully by the time they arrive, my big sister will have forgotten and moved onto some other hair-brained idea.  What do you think?

Paper or Plastic part 4

So my humiliation continues.  You would think that those pieces are more than enough for my big sis to drive her point home.  We've only hit the halfway mark. *Sigh*

So continuing on, the one item that my sis seemed to really push, I think she suggested it no less than three times was a satin and lace chemise.

Bring a little old school glamour into the boudoir. This shimmering satin chemise features beautiful lace insets at thigh and bust. Adjustable straps. Side slit. Low X-back.

Well doesn't that sound just fantastic. *Eye roll*

This was clearly made for someone who has curves in all the right places.  That's obviously something I don't have.  It's going to be silly, but my sis just doesn't listen to reason.

It came in; White, Teal Tide, Blueberry, Fredericks Red, Black, and Pink Pucker.  Have a mentioned just how much tougher it is to make these choices when they name their colors this? There is just no letting up on the humiliation.  But again, please I ask for comments on which color you think I picked or should have picked.

Why anyone would want to see a guy wearing this, I have no idea.  But, I thought if I got it maybe my sis would be nicer to be down the road.  Time will tell.

So please, please comment on my posts.  I do read every comment posted and I have to admit it's nice to know people are reading what I write.

Oh, and thanks to those who commented.  The colors I picked were, Tutu Pink for the Halter Chemise and Fredericks Red for the Satin Romper.

Paper or Plastic part 3

I see no one commented on the last one.  I hope that's your way of protesting this silly lingerie idea that my sis came up with.  But, no comments so I won't reveal of what color I ended up getting yet.  Of course, if that changes I'd be more than happy to reveal what color I picked.  Plus it would really help me as my sister's rule about how your comments are related to my... personal satisfaction is very much in play.  I think it amuses her to no end.

I alluded that the choices get worse in my last post, so here is today's reveal of the lingerie I had to purchase for myself:

Again, the site describes this item as such: Sleek and sultry, this satin romper gets a provocative edge from sexy open sides and an open back. Halter ties, back hook-n-eye closure.

The colors available were: White, Teal Tide, Blueberry, Fredericks Red, Black, and Pink Pucker.  So which one did I choose??

Absolutely humiliating.  No man should be wearing this!  He should be smiling as he unwraps his beautiful girlfriend who is wearing it.  I can't believe that I am going to have to be wearing this items on a regular basis soon enough.

I picked it because it's a romper and I'm pretty sure a romper means that the bottoms are like attached shorts or something like that.  And based on the items I still have left to reveal, something with bottom coverage is going to be very important to me.

And, in case you didn't notice all these items are of a satin material.  My big sis wants these items to be and I quote, "completely sensual against your skin." I will admit that since I've had to keep my legs smooth, I've noticed the feel of fabrics a lot more. And yes, satin has a very... nice feeling.  But, girls wear satin not guys.  Girls wear satin because they want their skin to feel that way and to have someone touch them through that.  Am I right?  Can you please explain this to my sister as she wont' listen to me!

So please comment and explain to her why girls wear lingerie and guys don't, I'm counting on you!

Paper or Plastic part 2

Well, I guess that was enough guesses, so for the PJ set I chose the color Tiger Lily.

Another day and another revealed lingerie item that I'll... I'll be calling my own.  Oh jeez, that's horrible sounding.  Have I mentioned how humiliating this is yet?  Because trust me, this is very humiliating.

Another item I got was a Satin Halter Chemise.  Looking at it now by itself is quite soul-crushing, but at the time it was the first item I suggested that my sis approved.  Compared to what she was showing out at the time, I thought it was a win for me... but now, just looking at it I'm not so sure.

Here's how the company describes it: Keep it short and sexy in our flirty satin chemise. Ruched underbust seam and ties at the neck create a sexy neckline and provide dramatic cleavage and excellent support.

None of that would describe me!  I think we can all agree that this is supposed to be worm by a beautiful, feminine woman.  This was clearly designed for a woman's body, I'm sure my male body will distend and distort this item of clothing (if you can call it that) and ruin the effect the tailor tried so hard to create.

This one was available in quite a few colors: Garden Green, Azure Blue, Lavender Orchid, Tutu Pink, and Tiger Lily.  Again I'm curious to hear which color you think I picked.  I need comments, so I guess following some of the comments from the previous post, if I was wearing this garment, which color would you want to see me in?

*Sigh* They only get worse from here...

Paper or Plastic

Sooooo crushing.  I chatted with my big sister on the weekend and she was quite pleasant on the one day.  I should have known better.  She mentioned something to me and I didn't think too much about it as I was wrapped up in the main focus of our conversation...

... I should have known better.

She had us pick lingerie together.  So you'd think that as she's a girl and I'm a guy, it would all be for her, but it was the exact opposite. And let's just say she had a very specific criteria that the lingerie had to be.  So I tried to pick reasonable things, but she shot them all down for one reason or another... until there was very little to choose from.  But, here is a glimpse of just how cruel she can be; once, she basically shot down everything reasonable she said I had to pick out what I wanted from the rest... like it was my choice.  As if...

Then she said I could pick whatever color I wanted.  She didn't say it, but she didn't have to: As I had to "pick out" the ones I was to purchase and having to mull over the color choices, she wanted what I ended up getting to be "my" decision.  Even though it wasn't in the least, I know she's going to use it against me in the future.

So, she said I had to pick out 5 pieces and talk about it in my blog.  So, I figured I'd post one at a time, so we can talk about it and you can comment on the item.

So the first item is a three-piece PJ set:

The description of the item from the site: Because every girl needs options. This smooth, sexy satin set features a cami accented with lace, ribbon ties at the front and sides and adjustable straps. Matching PJ pant and short. I feel ill at the thought that I'm going to have to wear something for feminine.  But, I figured at least there was pants, right?  That should make it a little less humiliating at least.

The color in the photo wasn't available.  My choices were; Garden Green, Lavender Orchid, or Tiger Lily.  I'm curious as what color you think I picked.  Please state so in the comments, and if enough people guess, I'll let you all know in the next or future post.

I just felt sick as I had to order this, but as I see it again here in this post and me telling you, I am humiliated beyond all belief.  Based on past comments, I doubt this will happen, but I'm hoping, hoping, hoping there will be comments talking about how boys shouldn't be wearing such feminine things.  I mean, half of the allure of lingerie like this, is the soft, curvy, feminine body that it's on.  It's not the same when a strong, bulky, and built body is put into garments of this nature.  Am I right or am I right?

Fighting Crazy with Crazy

So, I'm being driven nuts by the fact that my... personal bliss is tied to the comments here on this blog. There are a lot of things working against me:
  1. I don't have the ability to post everyday. I'm a busy person, so I don't have the time to post everyday. I'm also boring, and don't have something to say everyday... which is good, because frankly that could mean that my big sis didn't throw another humiliating task my way and left me alone. So, right there any day I don't post is a lost day.
  2. Comments. Not only do I have to post, but then I need to have enough comments associated with said post for it to mean anything. Now, you've all been very good about that and I thank you... I think it should be noted that of the 30+ comments, two have been on my side which is demoralizing... and it's tough to feel bliss when you're demoralized.

So two big factors working against me. On top of all that, it gets mighty frustrating to do anything when you're all... pent up. Can't sleep (a la Seinfeld), can't concentrate (opposite of Seinfeld), I've become more irritable, gullible and anxious. Plus, the hold idea that I have to ration these... moments out makes the point of... arrival bittersweet.

Please spank this... it really needs it...


So, in this pent up state, I think I'm starting to go a bit mad... but an odd idea struck me the other night. What if... I took a bit (and I stress bit) of female hormones? Not like what any transgendered person would take, but just enough to take the edge off. Just the minimal amount to allow me to regain control over my primal self. After all, she's been using this as a primary weapon in taking me down this pink path. If I could diminish it enough to break her control maybe I could regain all my manhood back. It would be like taking one step back in order to take two steps forward. Plus, as this is my idea I could always stop if it doesn't work like I think it will.

This sounds crazy. Heck, it reads crazy as I type it out but this could just work, right? What do you all think, is this a good idea?

Line in the Sand

Hey all,

First off let me say thank you for all the comments to date. While I don't agree with many... or all of the comments out there, as far as earning an orgasm for myself, it's not what's said but that you're all saying it. So again, your thoughts... no matter how much I may not want to hear it... thank you very much. I'm grateful.

That being said; these comments just keep getting worse. You can't seriously think of me in those ways, can you???? You're all talking to me like I'm some silly girl, confused bimbo... or worse, a suppressed slut. I am none of those things, I assure you. Would you talk to a guy on the street like that? I doubt it.

Look I'll admit something. My sister has me surrounded by femininity almost all the time, how she always talks to me and addresses me, it's tough sometimes not to get caught up in it. And some of these things, knowing that only a girl does it... it makes me self-conscious and alienated at places like the gym.

But, I really thought all this time it was me versus her. She was the crazy one for doing this to me... but, no one has been supporting me in the comments. Are you all really on her side??? I can't begin to describe how crushing that is. It gets so exhausting to constantly be fighting my sister... putting up with her indignities because deep down I knew that I was a man.

So, please... those on my side, let me hear you! I need your support now more than ever. It's just so crushing when I have to do all these feminine things and then I come on here and all I read is that I should be some sexy submissive girl.

Mixed Signals

Ummm... ok, so I'm a little alarmed. I haven't gotten enough comments on my last post, so if you haven't commented, then please do so!

The other problem is that the comments I am getting are more of the variety that I am a girl... or a slut... or a slutty girl. That's the image my sister is trying to falsely project onto me. I'm a normal, red-blooded guy! I don't want this!

Alright, so someone commented in the last post that I clearly like beautiful women (how very true!)... and then I think they were confused because they put me on the wrong side of a blow job. Women give blow jobs. Guys get blow jobs. I'm a guy so I get a blowjob.

So this person wanted me to talk about my thoughts regarding getting a blowjob. I'm willing to do this. What guy hasn't thought of his dream blowjob.

It starts with an incredibly sexy girl who I find myself alone with. Things start off innocently enough, but then she gives me "that" look.

One thing leads to another and before I even realize it, she's on her knees in front of me. I can hardly believe this is happening as I take off my clothes. I wonder if maybe I'm being forward, but surprisingly, she looks like she wants this even more than I do.

I hold my breath as I feel her soft, warm hand on my growing member. As her moist mouth gets ever closer, the hot tingle of her breath is electric. My breath comes out in a slow, low groan as her wet tongue and slick lips find their mark.

My eyes look up at him with his rigid cock in my mouth and I know this is going to be a regular occurrence. My tongue finds all the right buttons and it takes all my strength to keep my hand from between sliding between my legs.

And while this is something we both desperately wanted and needed, there comes this point where we are on opposite ends. He fights desperately to ignore his carnal impulses and have this go on forever, while I on the other hand want my prize. Despite our vast contrast of masculine and feminine, hhe knows this is a battle he can't ever win with me. I have him at full mast and I'm right where he wants me.

And then all too soon, I get my prize.

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