Paper or Plastic bonus

Again, thanks to all of you for your comments. For those of you that care, I got the Satin and Lace Babydoll in Violetta.

So, yes there is one more post. I know that seems odd because my sis said that I only need 5 pieces. And I would have been happy with any number less than 5 (including throwing lingerie away to get into the negatives), but I got a promo code. Long story short, if I spent a few more bucks to reach another threshold, the total would end up being cheaper than leaving the order as is. So, I got one more piece. And while yes, I know how some of you are going to react, my thinking was that if I have to buy this stuff, I wanted it to be the cheapest possible so I had more money for masculine things... plus, my sister said I would have to wear these items everyday, so it's not like another piece is going to change the length of time I have to wear all of these things anyway. So, here it is. This isn't the last piece I picked in case you were wondering, this was the piece I wanted to avoid the longest.

Cool satin gets hot in a racy teddy design with sexy open front, sparkling lace and front tie. Accented with lace, back crisscross ties. G-string back. I fail to understand how anyone reading that would then want to purchase this item. They'd literally freeze their butt off in a getup like this.

Anyways, this item comes in Black or Pucker Pink. I don't think the color makes a difference to someone like me in a getup like that.

So that's it. These are items my big sister wants me to wear everyday to sleep and lounge around in. What do you think? Which is your favorite? Did you think it made sense for me to buy an extra item? Should we start a pool on how soon I catch ill from overexposure? Please comment, comment, comment.


  1. sos2million said...:

    I think you will look absolutely sexy lounging around in this little number! You won't catch cold in this outfit (in Pucker Pink); you'll be too hot!
    Besides, I'm sure your Big Sis will find other ways to keep you warm on those long cold nights! ;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Silly little girl... you haven't figured it out yet?... Those outfits weren't chosen for you... they were chosen for men to admire you as you wear them!... I can't wait to see you wearing that outfit... and I hope you chose the black one... you are going to look so sexy in that! - M.

  1. For a man to wear that would be so degrading, I agree wholeheartedly. I'd hate to be seen in something that I'd say is beyond girly, as lovely as it looks on the woman in that photo. So I can sympathise in that respect, I really can.

    That said - in the past photos I've seen of you, and in the ones we'll hopefully see of you wearing your new purchases, there doesn't appear to be anything even remotely masculine about you. Whenever I see you, I think 'girl'. That's why I'm still unsure which side of the fence to sit on! I mean, you're quite the expert at getting dressed up and looking your best, and have a good eye for girly fashion to help you do that - so part of me thinks perhaps you should make the most of such talents, as you're being encouraged to do by your sis and others here! You could do very well out of it! I mean, doesn't it make you happy to know you're making others happy?

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