... Give Me Something Good to Eat!

Hey peeps!

I hope you've had a very fun and safe Halloween weekend.

I remember running up to houses and shouting Trick or Treat... Give me something good to eat! And then a friendly neighbor would come out and gush over my costume... well actually they'd usually ask because it's so cold here by Halloween that you had your costume on underneath your heavy winter jacket, gloves, and toque. But, what matters is that they'd send me away with my treat-filled pillow case ever so slightly heavier. As a kid, October 31 was always circled on my calendar.

You have have noticed that I haven't been updating much lately. My big sis has been occupied by other things and has left me quite alone. So awesome, right? And you all better be happy for me too. The last thing I need is people on her side; she's bad enough all by herself. So when the cats away... uh, the mouse gets cheese... hmm, dish and spoon take off... er, Chrissy doesn't have to do humiliating post blogs. You get the idea!

Of course when Halloween was coming up, my big sis sent me a couple quick emails to make sure I couldn't get away with anything on today. No army man costume, superhero outfit, or cowboy getup... Well, she didn't say that specifically but she implied I had better get dressed up. And that was it... no costumes picked out... no poses sent to me as examples. Just a note saying I better have a costume for Halloween.

So what was I to do? I mean, I don't think I want to be a girl... er, I know I don't want to be a full time girl... I mean, I don't want to be a girl! But, here I was with no force, no guidance, not even a real threat of punishment if I didn't comply.

But, so what? I mean this is the one day of the year where people dress to pretend, right? Big jocks dressed as geeks, the quiet girl dressed like a sexy kitten and the cute kid dressed like a scary vampire. This is the day where people dress as who they aren't. So, in a way... it kinda makes sense that I got a girlie costume, right?

And it wasn't that bad. I mean, without my big sis trying to put me in humiliating outfits and poses that are over-sexualized for a girl, let alone a guy. Without the humiliating context that big sis put on it, I didn't have that feeling of dread that would sit in the pit of my stomach with every flash of the camera.

So I got all dressed up. Not with some horrible costume or with the intention of getting candy and not under duress. I got dressed in a feminine costume that I picked out. And I took pictures of poses. Not ones that my sis picked and I worried and freaked out over. I took pictures of poses that I came up with. I've even still in the costume as I type this. I mean it's still another 2 hours before November comes so it's ok, right?

Of course being all grown up, I can't exactly go out and get some free chocolate and candy. Yet, with each passing minute of October 31 and my brain just starts to focus on sweets. Gosh, I REALLY need to wrap my lips around something right about now...
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