Spread Dread

Hello dedicated reader,

So, I guess my big sis was pretty happy about the response I got to the lingerie pics a couple posts back. But, now she think that this other pic she made me take isn't getting enough TLC from eyes other then hers and mine. Of course, it was never mentioned to me that this pic would be for public viewing. She just threw it in with the other ones and said I better take a pic of each pose. So, here it is... *sigh*

And just as proof I'm also posting the original picture so you don't think I just come up with my own poses or anything. Typically the way it works is:
  • My big sis and I will chat
  • She tells me to go visit a link
  • The pit of my stomach drops and I get scared and nervous
  • My heart sinks as I see the image associated to the link
  • Big sis coolly describes my outfit while I try and protest
  • Sometimes she'll describe difference she wants me to do from the pose
  • She'll point out some Sword of Damocles she has hanging over me that cinches that I'll do the photo as she instructs
Wash, rinse, repeat for every photo you see of me.

So lastly, I didn't get a lot of responses to my last post. And I don't want to bore people with my Vegas story if that's not what you're interested in reading about here on the blog. So, if you do want to hear it, please put a comment in the previous post, and if not, keep doing what you're doing and I won't bring it up again.
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