You Say You Want a Resolution...

Well, Happy New Year...

Bah... if you ask me, what's so happy about it? I mean, this year started just like the last one left off... it's like they just flowed from one to the other and nothing's really all that different. It certainly isn't between me and my Big Sister.

The year wasn't even 2% old when she informed me of her latest scheme. She had me do one thing and then totally turned it around into something else. I was trying to start the year on the right foot, try and get on her good side, but I guess she doesn't really care. The result of her stupid little trick is that I now have five resolutions for the year... and that I had to tell all of you what they were. Like you even care. I'm sure you're all too busy with your own lives and resolutions to be concerned about these ones of mine that I have no desire to fulfill or even attempt to complete.

  1. Smell more feminine
  2. Less body hair
  3. Speak a little higher and with less forcefulness
  4. Focus more on weight loss than muscle tone
  5. Smoother body, especially hands and feet
Even if I wanted to complete any of these, and believe me I say I have no desire to, I wouldn't even know where to start. I don't think anyone would. I think instead of looking at where she could push me next, I think she could just as easily be happy and content with what she's done already. I mean, surely seeing how far I've come should satisfy anyone's blood lust.

*sigh* I mean this is how I looked to close 2010 and ring in 2011. At some point, enough is enough, yes?

Christmas 2010 A

Christmas 2010 B

Christmas 2010 C
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