Are You Not Entertained???

Do any of you think before making comments on my post?? Did you not realize,  that maybe one of these days my Big Sister might read them and then ACTUALLY react to them. Really?!? I should be punished. The pictures were a failure. I took initiative people!!! If I didn't do those photos, there would have been nothing posted, and ergo, there would be no failure and nothing to punish.

Look... I'm not trying to be mean... but, you don't know my Big Sister like I do. She doesn't read the sarcasm or the playful teasing in your comments. She reads an opportunity and then she can direct my ire at you all instead of her. It really is bad enough trying to battle her twisted logic, please don't add fuel to the fire. And she... controls me. I can't really fight her in a battle of wills, because she knows how to get exactly what she wants from me. I use to be able to negotiate and at least keep some taste to these things, but lately it seems like she has it all planned out in her head and anything I say regarding it is immediately dismissed. I mean, these are my pictures. It's me and my image and reputation at stake every time the camera clicks; shouldn't I have some input into the process and output??

Maybe one day I'll figure her out, and we'll be on even ground again... but, until that happens I'm at her mercy. So, just please, be careful about what you say. And for those who were calling for punishment or redo or whatever... here's your pound of flesh. I hope you realize that with great power comes great responsibility... 'cause my Big Sister hasn't

Halloween 2010 Punishment
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