Are You Not Entertained???

Do any of you think before making comments on my post?? Did you not realize,  that maybe one of these days my Big Sister might read them and then ACTUALLY react to them. Really?!? I should be punished. The pictures were a failure. I took initiative people!!! If I didn't do those photos, there would have been nothing posted, and ergo, there would be no failure and nothing to punish.

Look... I'm not trying to be mean... but, you don't know my Big Sister like I do. She doesn't read the sarcasm or the playful teasing in your comments. She reads an opportunity and then she can direct my ire at you all instead of her. It really is bad enough trying to battle her twisted logic, please don't add fuel to the fire. And she... controls me. I can't really fight her in a battle of wills, because she knows how to get exactly what she wants from me. I use to be able to negotiate and at least keep some taste to these things, but lately it seems like she has it all planned out in her head and anything I say regarding it is immediately dismissed. I mean, these are my pictures. It's me and my image and reputation at stake every time the camera clicks; shouldn't I have some input into the process and output??

Maybe one day I'll figure her out, and we'll be on even ground again... but, until that happens I'm at her mercy. So, just please, be careful about what you say. And for those who were calling for punishment or redo or whatever... here's your pound of flesh. I hope you realize that with great power comes great responsibility... 'cause my Big Sister hasn't

Halloween 2010 Punishment


  1. sasha said...:

    You deserve to be punished and hard!

  1. Vera Wylde said...:

    I keep wondering exactly what is it that Big Sister is holding over you to keep you in line.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Just one picture? Surely you can do better.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    If I was your big sister, I'd also keep you in lingerie and heels because you look so sexy dressed that way .... so come on 'big sister' let's get more creative and outrageous with shy Christine and let's see her show off much more !

  1. Anonymous said...:

    that is a good start big sis :-)

    2011 should be a Year You take christine to new hights. break some limits and boundries ....
    funny thing is that christine says no when she really whants to say yes/more.....

  1. I agree with everything said here.

    Why don't those of you following post some links to poses or 'outfits' you'd like to see her in. What limits and boundries would YOU like to see broken. Don't listen to her complaints... her body is getting so soft and smooth it practically begs to be shown off more.

    And feel free to spread the word. We're not going to get to 500 orgasms without your help!

  1. daveag45 said...:

    If i was Chrissy's big sister i would keep you dressed as a girl 24/7 here is some links for Chrissy's sister to dress you in.

  1. That last one is SO short. I love it.

    As for the other two, what does everyone think? Is it time to put the little tramp into PVC?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yes to the hot pants! Sooo sexy!

  1. daveag45 said...:

    Yes it is time Chrissy wears PVC and if she puts up to much of a fuss put her back into her CHASTITY BELT.

  1. I think the chastity belt would ruin the look of those outfits... especially the last one... wouldn't it be more fun if she wore them commando? >:D

  1. daveag45 said...:

    Yes i agree Chrissy should go commando wearing those outfits.What i meant about the chastity belt was put her in it until she agrees to wear the outfits and do the photo shoots she hates the chastity belt she will do anything to keep from wearing it.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Chrissy needs bigger breast. The sooner she gets them the better she will look in all her outfits. And yes I agree she should go commando in those outfits and when she is in them she should have pictures taken to show that she is.

  1. Another vote for bigger breasts, Chrissy. You hear that?

    Of course she would have to pay for them somehow. I wonder what she could do to make money. >:)

    She really does hate the chastity belt, but she looks so darn cute in it, doesn't she?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I know I will orgasm 500 more times if Chrissy got some huge boobs

  1. Anonymous said...:

    To big sis :-)

    hmm breast cost money yea
    I bet she has some dildoes by now.. you could make here practice sucking them daily to get proper skills. could be a good way of getting income for bigger breast later..

    for poses here is a few suggestions :

    this two could be done with only some sexy heals(stockings maybe) on is he poses correctly.

    here also some nice poses, some of the pix are very small , but shouldbe good enough to giv an idea

  1. Anonymous said...:

    ohhh yes , hope big sis monitors the comments :-)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i want to rent her big sister!!!!

  1. martin said...:

    Thank you for the link daveag45. birchplaceshop is a wonderful site to explore

    xxx martin

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wherecan I find a "big sister" to force me to become feminized. Ive thought about crossdressing since i was about 8 (im now 26 and still want to) but never had guts and dont know how to start


  1. lets1play2 said...:

    she should be out in public dressed in something very skimpy. made to tan in a hot pink thong bikini, something from you got to luv thong tan lines. introduce her to some big black meat. and yes some commando pix to see as well. bring her to vancouver

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