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Twas the Night before Chrissy... Part One

Cheap Trick or Treat

Hey all,

First off, I know there's been some crazy things happening lately, so hopefully wherever you're reading this from you and yours are safe and sound.

So I haven't been on here much lately. I hope you were all happy and excited for me cause that meant that my Big Sister wasn't making me doing horribly feminine things... Of course, October 31st is a bit of a different animal. I think she disappears around this time on purpose. As Halloween creeps closer and closer without hearing from her, my stomach starts to twist. I hold out hope that I won't have to dress up or at least I could go and get a male costume... but, what if she contacts me at the last minute? How am I going to get a costume on short notice? How do I pull it all off? What if she doesn't contact me? Does that mean I don't have to dress up for Halloween? Ever again? I mean if she doesn't want me to dress up for Halloween, maybe she's finally grown bored of me... but, the pit in my stomach grows wider. She's going to expect me in something. Maybe this is a test? What's worse; dressing like a girl when I didn't have to, or feeling the wrath of my Big Sister for not dressing up when she expects me to?

I wasn't going to do it. I was going to make a stand. Do you remember last year? I got punished for dressing up even when she didn't say anything?!!? I shook a little at the evening got later and later. With a whimper, I gave up... I slinked into my closet and started to pull through my feminine things to put together a costume.

But, not all was lost. If I was going to dress up, then I was going to pick up costume of MY choosing. It was going to be an image of what kind of girl I would be if I HAD to be a girl. This was not going to be girl-girl. This was not going to be pink. Not cutesy. No dresses. I was going to be cool. Powerful. Bad-ass. Ok, ok, the idea for my costume had come to me a while ago. A while ago. It wasn't for Halloween specifically, but I kept it in the back of my mind in case my Big Sis ever asked for my opinion. Plus, when I had to browse for girl stuff, my tastes seemed to skew this way. What kind of girls today are cool,  powerful, and bad-ass?? Rock chicks of course!

Of course a lot of costumes could be for a rock chick, and I wasn't about to buy a meat dress, or a bubble dress, or some crazy galactic orbit dress. Of in order to pull it off, I thought I'd try and set the scene with a collection of poses:

Found by the paparazzi 1
Is it just me or does it seem that more often than not, the Paparazzi tend to sneak up on unsuspecting celebrities from behind? But, they don't just sneak up on them, they also seem to take a pic from the back too. It's like back-up proof in case someone the celeb flees. It's like there version of the spotting Bigfoot picture. Figured I need one of these to make me seem rock star-ish.

Found by the paparazzi 2
Of course being a rock star, I don't want to be caught by the Paparazzi. So naturally, my hand has all but thrown out all evidence that this is a photo of me. But why don't I want to be photographed at wherever I am?? I mean, I probably just came out of an orphanage or I just handed over a large novelty cheque to a charity I support... right?

Found by the paparazzi 3
Yeah, I took an extra one. I'm a huge rock star so I have extra Paparazzi following me. Plus, I could get into the idea of obscuring my face in photos. Should be a staple in all future poses my Big Sis make me take.

Celeb call 1
And of course, even when I'm in one place, I'm really somewhere else. The important life of a rock-star celebrity. And naturally, because I'm being photographed I need to pretend to look bored. After all a rock star obviously much more important than whoever is on the other end of the line.

Celeb call 2
Unless of course the person on the other end is an underling. Than the rock star must be giving directions to this person to get things done for them in their important lives. Yup, clearly chatting with one of the many Personal Assistants to keep the rock star live running on all cylinders.

At the show 1
This is me at the show rockin' it out for all my adoring fans! Some of them would consider me a hero. A hero who plays guitar. I bet they'll even make a video game about this rock star some day!

At the show 2
Bad-ass, mama jamma! I taught Slash this pose.

Band promo pic
All rock stars have that pose that while is obviously been rehearsed and burned into their muscle memory, is supposed to tell everyone this is how they are just naturally cool and just about the scene. Plus, it always makes for a good album promo photo. Or something.

So that was me on Halloween. Cool, right? I mean, it's like I've built a whole persona or whatever. You so totally like this as opposed to the ridiculous stuff my Big Sister had me doing, yeah? I mean, you're totally hooked on this alternate persona. I can tell. I think you should comment and let my Big Sis know you're more interested in seeing more about this new persona and any of the silly stuff she was coming up with. Plus, I haven't thought of a name yet for this new bad-ass girl side. Comment and give suggestions for a name. I was going to go with Moon Unit Zappa, but that didn't seem original enough.

Slow and Steady

Hi folks,

I hope the summer is treating you well! It's been an up and down summer for me. For the most part my Big Sister has left me alone (yay!). But, when she does bug me it's... been... different. She's been more demanding. It's been less sisterly and I've become more like a toy. Something to be toyed with at her will without a voice or opinion of my own. I don't know if she just has these needs to assert absolute dominance over someone and that's when she seeks me out. Or (hopefully) this is the early stages of her getting tired of me and she'll soon leave me alone permanently.

Anyways, her humiliating task for me this time was to put on my most emasculating heels, put myself in a very specific pose and then have to weave a "fantasy" involving that pose for you all on this blog. Now, as you all know by now, she's not very subtle and she was trying to make it obvious what kind of fantasy she was looking for.

Too bad for her I'm still just as smart as ever. Just because she doesn't like to treat me like an intellectual doesn't mean I still can't thwart her. So, without prolonging the (minimized) damage, here's my completed task:

Feet Up Aug 2011

So, it's quite simple really. I'm a tortoise. I'm a tortoise who was wearing pink heels... 'cause I'm heading out to the bar... called the Hard Shell cafe. Anyways, as I'm walking to the bar, my panties get snagged on a rock and fall down my tortoise legs. Feeling the unusual draft, I look back to see my panties have slipped down one leg. Because I'm looking backwards, I don't see I'm walking towards a dip in the ground, and I slip and tip over onto my back. And I'm stuck on my back struggling to right myself.

She's on her back. Her breath is heaving and ragged, her chest rising and falling to the rhythm of her desire. As the panties slide down her leg, she dangles them off her foot. Her smooth legs lift, spreading automatically. She's waiting there. Waiting for you.

Aaaaaaand scene. There we go. Quite the fantasy if you ask me. I think you can chalk one up for Chrissy over Big Sister on this one. Peace out.

When is a Lesbian Not a Lesbian...

Just like any other conditioned subject, the thought of having to write another post fills me with dread before I've even hit the "Publish Post" button.

It's been a busy time for me. And for different reasons, it's been busy for my big sister too. So, lucky for me there hasn't been a request from her to take pictures lately. And no pictures means no posts here. So you're thinking how lucky and fortunate I've been this past little while. I can see why you'd think that. I would think the same thing. But, sadly you are mistaken.

Maybe she took exception to the fact that I defined our sisterly relationship in the last post. Or maybe she just feels a need to make me wrong wherever possible. So, she's taken it to a little beyond sisters. She's had me pleasuring her. Awesome, right? I mean, an awesome, amazing goddess wants me to pleasure her...

... only it's never that straightforward with Big Sis. She's wearing a strap on while I pleasure her. So it's guy and girl action. Only the guy has to pretend to be a girl. And the girl is wearing a strap-on. I would still say this falls under the category of lesbian action, though. Maybe not the best label for my ego, but certainly not the worst.

But, it is getting worse. She calls it training. And I'm not allowed to refer to it as a strap-on. Despite her attempts to try and twist and manipulate the situation, this is what I'm picturing in my head...(at least most of the time):

I don't know how many genetic girls read this blog, but I could use their help for a little peace of mind. These kinds of situations could come up innocently, yes? Maybe at a slumber party or whatever. Some curious experimentation between friends or what not? Please tell me this is typical female behavior, and I'm just not use to it.

Stepping Back Into This...

Hi All...

I've seen all your comments, over the past months. I guess thanks for those that were concerned something happened to me. Blissfully, for the past three months or so, nothing happened to me that would concern this blog. But, just like being ripped from a deep slumber, my Big Sister decided to check up on me. And you all know what results from that... I'm back here posting.

Now, going through comments and notes sent to me while gone. I want to address a few things:

First, and most importantly, my Big Sister doesn't get exactly get upset when I don't post on here for long. You see, these posts, pics, girl things... they aren't my idea. They are hers. If she doesn't tell me to do it, I don't do it. I don't like this blog. I hate, hate, HATE being forced to publicize what she makes me do. Yes, I have curiosities about girlie things, but I never wanted to take it this far... and I certainly never wanted to share my explorations with anyone beyond my Big Sister. Sorry, but I'm just not a real spotlight kind of person.  So a lack of posts has to do with a lack of direction from her. I know you're to say that's really submissive of me, and I can't argue that. My Big Sister has me wrapped around her little pinkie toe.

Second, some of you think my Big Sister doesn't exist. She's a figment of my imagination. Perhaps you think I spin my adventures from mutually consenting to forced fem? Or maybe, you think I made her up completely to try and justify my sissy pictures? Well I promise you she's real. Though, we haven't actually met. Our interactions and friendship is entirely online. I admire and look up to her. Our chats can be serious, goofy, girlie, argumentative, or naughty. We can talk as equals or not so equals. Kinda sounds like how two sisters would get along, right? But no, she's not ACTUALLY my sister. I hope you've all figured at least that out by now...

And I know, I know; how could I be manipulated by someone who's not physically there. Honestly, I don't know exactly how it got to this. I admit, I had cross dressing fantasies and they skewed towards forced feminization. So what? I've also had fantasies about screaming in a library and never acted on those. My Big Sister and I chatted, and when I would mention something, she'd push. And she'd push again. And again. And when I'd give an inch, she's demand a mile. And then she asked me to take a picture. And then another. And then one with my face in it. That was it. Just like out of a story, she could now manipulate me at will. Add on that helping of adoration, fast forward a bit, and here we are.

So why would I tell you all this? The real reason for this post (yep, I'm long winded). With the very innocent, curious little-sister nature I have, I asked her if she had any tattoos? I figured that was a reasonable topic of conversation. She was coy, but upon reflection I think she was just teasing my curiosity in order to set me up. Eventually, she would consent to revealing the where and what of her tattoo. Only she couldn't just tell me, she wanted to show me... by putting an image of her tattoo on a picture of me. Now, I knew this could be bad; whenever she suggests a photo opp, it's never as it seems... But, what little sister wouldn't want to match her Big Sister? The next thing I knew, she had me with my legs shaved, toes painted, posed and pictured. All for the sake of seeing her tattoo. I never did get to see her actual tattoo. But, in exchange I had already promised to post the photo of it:

So I guess she has a rose tattoo on her ankle. Nothing super unique or crazy. I had to jump through all those hoops and that was the big secret. Do you understand what I have to go through now???

... and no, I don't actually want a matching tattoo. And no, I don't want any kind of girlie tattoo. So do NOT comment with tattoo suggestions... or suggestions of any kind really. If there are no comments than it's like no one saw this.

I posted this to appease Her. As far as I know, no one will ever actually see this. No one saw this. No one saw this. No one saw this...

You Say You Want a Resolution...

Well, Happy New Year...

Bah... if you ask me, what's so happy about it? I mean, this year started just like the last one left off... it's like they just flowed from one to the other and nothing's really all that different. It certainly isn't between me and my Big Sister.

The year wasn't even 2% old when she informed me of her latest scheme. She had me do one thing and then totally turned it around into something else. I was trying to start the year on the right foot, try and get on her good side, but I guess she doesn't really care. The result of her stupid little trick is that I now have five resolutions for the year... and that I had to tell all of you what they were. Like you even care. I'm sure you're all too busy with your own lives and resolutions to be concerned about these ones of mine that I have no desire to fulfill or even attempt to complete.

  1. Smell more feminine
  2. Less body hair
  3. Speak a little higher and with less forcefulness
  4. Focus more on weight loss than muscle tone
  5. Smoother body, especially hands and feet
Even if I wanted to complete any of these, and believe me I say I have no desire to, I wouldn't even know where to start. I don't think anyone would. I think instead of looking at where she could push me next, I think she could just as easily be happy and content with what she's done already. I mean, surely seeing how far I've come should satisfy anyone's blood lust.

*sigh* I mean this is how I looked to close 2010 and ring in 2011. At some point, enough is enough, yes?

Christmas 2010 A

Christmas 2010 B

Christmas 2010 C
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