Slow and Steady

Hi folks,

I hope the summer is treating you well! It's been an up and down summer for me. For the most part my Big Sister has left me alone (yay!). But, when she does bug me it's... been... different. She's been more demanding. It's been less sisterly and I've become more like a toy. Something to be toyed with at her will without a voice or opinion of my own. I don't know if she just has these needs to assert absolute dominance over someone and that's when she seeks me out. Or (hopefully) this is the early stages of her getting tired of me and she'll soon leave me alone permanently.

Anyways, her humiliating task for me this time was to put on my most emasculating heels, put myself in a very specific pose and then have to weave a "fantasy" involving that pose for you all on this blog. Now, as you all know by now, she's not very subtle and she was trying to make it obvious what kind of fantasy she was looking for.

Too bad for her I'm still just as smart as ever. Just because she doesn't like to treat me like an intellectual doesn't mean I still can't thwart her. So, without prolonging the (minimized) damage, here's my completed task:

Feet Up Aug 2011

So, it's quite simple really. I'm a tortoise. I'm a tortoise who was wearing pink heels... 'cause I'm heading out to the bar... called the Hard Shell cafe. Anyways, as I'm walking to the bar, my panties get snagged on a rock and fall down my tortoise legs. Feeling the unusual draft, I look back to see my panties have slipped down one leg. Because I'm looking backwards, I don't see I'm walking towards a dip in the ground, and I slip and tip over onto my back. And I'm stuck on my back struggling to right myself.

She's on her back. Her breath is heaving and ragged, her chest rising and falling to the rhythm of her desire. As the panties slide down her leg, she dangles them off her foot. Her smooth legs lift, spreading automatically. She's waiting there. Waiting for you.

Aaaaaaand scene. There we go. Quite the fantasy if you ask me. I think you can chalk one up for Chrissy over Big Sister on this one. Peace out.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    That's hot! More pics.

  1. martin said...:

    lovely legs, really wow

    thank you

    xxx martin

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i notice that your panties seem to come off very easily...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think some topless pics is what is needed. But first her boobs need to be bigger.

  1. Colline said...:

    Sometimes I dream about having sissy sex with you. You are so hot!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Oh Christine - you have come a long, long way since we first met. You have become quite the super vixen, and arguably the hottest girl on the internet.

    So, I have to ask... and I KNOW Big Sister is watching us...

    Halloween is coming up. Dressing like a sexy young woman is certainly in your future. My question is... how exactly will you be raising the stakes this year? What dare will you be given... and just how badly will it make you tremble and blush all over?


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