Maybe she's right...

So I had to try and... preoccupy my mind these last couple of weeks. My "big sister" swooped in said a few things, made some perfectly reasonable demands on me and then has swooped away again. This isn't fair!!! She has no idea how much I am suffering! If she only knew, maybe she'd finally show some sympathy. The worst part is, the way she was able to just levy this new... complication on me makes me fear what she could do with a little more time and a real reason to punish me.

Anyways, back to the title of this post. So, I've been trying to make sure my hands don't stay idle, so I've been mucking around the Internet. I didn't realize how many other blogs of a similar nature are out there. Don't worry, I wasn't really reading them or relating to anyone else out there... I mean, the odds are impossible that there is another woman as wonderful as my "big sister" who likes to help other girls in denial...

Jeez, I'm being such a bimbo. So, on one of them this person found a website that will analyze a website and try to determine the gender of the author. I figured this would be perfect. Here was yet another tool I could use to prove my manliness. Heck, I figured I could even use this blog. Just as I know what I truly am, under whatever superficial... ordeals my "big sister" put me through, this analyzer would surely have some algorithm that would see past the content of this site and reveal the true nature of the author...

What a bunch of cock... I mean crock...I mean... Clearly this is trying to tell me something if only my little bimbo brain could figure it out. Arrrrgghhhh!! I really thought I had something here. Whatever, it doesn't matter anyways; I know what I am.

Prize #2

This is for Al Fitzgerald's comment:

The party is packed. I am utterly humiliated as my big sister made me dress up in a schoolgirl uniform to some party her friend was throwing. I knew it was not a costume party by the way she was dressed and I was the reason for many stares and looks when we walked in. My big sister had this look of utter triumph on her face as her friends flocked around her, my attire and broken spirit was obviously the topic of conversation. I tried to keep to myself and stay out of the way, but as the hours dragged on many more people showed up.

To get away from my sister, I fled to a dark and seemingly quiet corner of the party. To pass the time, I sipped at the spiked punch all night long. Things were fine until a man bumps into me. He towers over me, his gaze was one of domineering confidence that was only slightly glazed over due to the drink in his hand. I blush and look away, hoping he'll just get back to the party. But then I feel his strong hand touch my upper thigh. I look up scared. I try to slink away , but I was cornered up against the wall. My eyes scan the room and while it seems like no one was paying any attention, my eyes did find my big sister and her cackle of friends.  They are staring right at me and her expression relays that I am not to embarrass her in front of these people tonight.

I look back at the man just as he was leaning in and his mouth finds mine. I attempt to push him off, but his arms encircle my small torso pulling me closer. He squeezes and as I feel the air push out my lungs and past my lips, his tongue slip into my mouth. The sensations were too much for me as my resistance slowly comes to a stop. My big sister had put me in chastity for long lengths of time, so stimulation of any kind was physically welcomed despite what my head was saying. Before I knew it an audible moan escapes my lips, and that's when I hear the crowd giggle and laugh at me. I look past this man to see everyone staring at us, with my big sis and her posse right in front. She was whispering something to the man... and before I knew it he put my hand on his jean zipper and was dragging me out by the wrist towards the center of this crowd of eyes.

My hands could feel his massive erection through his pants. His hands were guiding mine to assist in undoing his pants. I was shaking from nervousness and so confused as to what was going on, I didn't even notice that my big sis had pushed down on my shoulders until I was on my knees in front of him.

It's all a blur until his massive erection is staring me in the face.  As I feel his hand against the back of my head, I snap out of it.  I whimper and fight against the pull of his hand toward his cock.  He is too strong as the space between my lips and his phallus grows depressingly small.  I can hear the crowd behind me as my lips touch the glistening head of his cock and it's no time before it's slipped past my soft lips and invading my mouth and throat.  My big sis leans down and whispers encouraging words into my pierced ear.  Despite my reluctance, my tongue, lips and hands slowly begin to work.  To my big sister's delight all the practice sessions she made me do pay off and I soon look like an eager and willing girl.  I feel this man's meat grow, harden, and twitch in my mouth.  After what seems like an eternity of having his huge cock in my mouth he suddenly pulls out.  I look up at him stunned as to what's going on when I feel the first thick stream hit my face.  I hear my sister above the crowd and camera clicks as another thick rope hits my face, the taste of his dick still on my mouth.

Prize #1

This is for Melina:

Melina and I clink glasses as we share a toast. We were having a "girls" night in and we decided to start the night off with a drink or two. After we finished off a couple drinks we decided to play dress up. I went into my room and stepped into the school girl uniform that Melina kept begging to see me in. I was embarrassed to put in on, but I figure I owe it to her.

After putting on a little fashion show we went from the couch to the floor, the drinks having an obvious effect.  Melina seemed to be a little more than tipsy.  I leaned up against the wall, a small smile creeping onto my face.  The drugs I slipped into Melina's drink making it hard for her to stay awake...

I hardly notice Melina start to stir as I scramble around the room.  I try and cram closed an overstuffed suitcase when I look over and see Melina's finally stirred.

"Hey sweetie... I'm sorry about this, but I can't take it anymore..."

I'm not sure if she's noticed that I'm not wearing her closed with a ball cap pulled tightly onto my head.  I start to hear Melina start to struggle against the ropes I've tied her up in.  She is starting to mumble about what's going on and why did I tie her up.  I come back over to her ans stuff a pair of panties into her mouth.  I go and make adjustments to Melina's new outfit; the schoolgirl uniform I was wearing earlier tonight.

"This is for the best.  I'm sure my big sis doesn't care who her tormented little sister is... just as long as she has one.  I just can't take it anymore; the feminizing, the submission, the humiliation... but you'll do fine, I'm sure of it."

I kiss her softly on the forehead, my gloss leaving a shiny little mark on her skin as I whisper for her to be brave as I hustle out the door pulling the suitcase with me.  Soon, the drugs I hidden in the panties knock out Melina again...

I nuzzle my head up against Melina's to wake her.  she slowly comes too.  Her eyes find mine; my eyes are very sad.  I find her eyes look me over and see the thick collar on my neck, the pink ball gag expanding my lips and the short chain that fetters my feet.  Once she looks at herself she'll see that expect for my bonds we're wearing matching uniforms, me in pink and her in lavender.  A leash extending from my collar leads to my big sisters hand.  She tugs on it encouraging me on, a look on cruel victory on her face,

"Go ahead Chrissy, seal each of your fates..."

I look down in utter submission as I crawl over to Melina.  I look at her sadly before slowly bringing our lips and ball gags together...

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