Prize #1

This is for Melina:

Melina and I clink glasses as we share a toast. We were having a "girls" night in and we decided to start the night off with a drink or two. After we finished off a couple drinks we decided to play dress up. I went into my room and stepped into the school girl uniform that Melina kept begging to see me in. I was embarrassed to put in on, but I figure I owe it to her.

After putting on a little fashion show we went from the couch to the floor, the drinks having an obvious effect.  Melina seemed to be a little more than tipsy.  I leaned up against the wall, a small smile creeping onto my face.  The drugs I slipped into Melina's drink making it hard for her to stay awake...

I hardly notice Melina start to stir as I scramble around the room.  I try and cram closed an overstuffed suitcase when I look over and see Melina's finally stirred.

"Hey sweetie... I'm sorry about this, but I can't take it anymore..."

I'm not sure if she's noticed that I'm not wearing her closed with a ball cap pulled tightly onto my head.  I start to hear Melina start to struggle against the ropes I've tied her up in.  She is starting to mumble about what's going on and why did I tie her up.  I come back over to her ans stuff a pair of panties into her mouth.  I go and make adjustments to Melina's new outfit; the schoolgirl uniform I was wearing earlier tonight.

"This is for the best.  I'm sure my big sis doesn't care who her tormented little sister is... just as long as she has one.  I just can't take it anymore; the feminizing, the submission, the humiliation... but you'll do fine, I'm sure of it."

I kiss her softly on the forehead, my gloss leaving a shiny little mark on her skin as I whisper for her to be brave as I hustle out the door pulling the suitcase with me.  Soon, the drugs I hidden in the panties knock out Melina again...

I nuzzle my head up against Melina's to wake her.  she slowly comes too.  Her eyes find mine; my eyes are very sad.  I find her eyes look me over and see the thick collar on my neck, the pink ball gag expanding my lips and the short chain that fetters my feet.  Once she looks at herself she'll see that expect for my bonds we're wearing matching uniforms, me in pink and her in lavender.  A leash extending from my collar leads to my big sisters hand.  She tugs on it encouraging me on, a look on cruel victory on her face,

"Go ahead Chrissy, seal each of your fates..."

I look down in utter submission as I crawl over to Melina.  I look at her sadly before slowly bringing our lips and ball gags together...


  1. Melina said...:

    Thanks for the prize Christine I loved it so much, I was wondering did you write it on your own or did big sis help? If she did is she looking for another baby sister hehe.

  1. Chrissy said...:

    No, that was pretty much me. The only thing my big sis said was to incorporate the picture and that I don't actually get away.

    Glad you liked it.

  1. Melina said...:

    I loved it Chrissy a part of me though wonders if theres a part 2?

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