Shy Chrissy vs. the World

So... OK maybe I'm not Scott Pilgrim, and I wasn't exactly spending this last little while fighting for the affections of a girl, but sometimes it just feels like the world is against you, right?

Despite all of you insisting to post comments even when I ask you not to, I had thought maybe my "Big Sister" had finally grown tired of this little game and decided to move on. She went AWOL for a while, but alas she returned.

My "Big Sister" left me to my own devices to try and come up with something appropriate for Halloween. Now, her idea of what's appropriate differs widely from mine, so I was lost in terms of what to do. I scrambled around, desperate for something. I came up with something I figured would work, a bunny costume that was more cute than overtly sexy.

I took the pics without the slightest idea of what poses a bunny girl would do, let alone a girl or a bunny. But, then the clock stuck midnight and the black magic of Halloween was finally lifted, I realized I'd made a serious error: I forgot the most critical aspect of my costume, the ears. On top of that, the poses I struck didn't show the second most critical aspect of the costume, the bunny tail... so, all I really had was me in girlie stuff, doing absolutely absurd poses.

You'd think my big sister had some taste for quality. You thought wrong. Apparently, she'd rather just humiliate me through quantity over quality. So, here's the disastrous pictures of a bunny costume that wasn't. Sometimes once a year is too often...

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