Are You Not Entertained???

Do any of you think before making comments on my post?? Did you not realize,  that maybe one of these days my Big Sister might read them and then ACTUALLY react to them. Really?!? I should be punished. The pictures were a failure. I took initiative people!!! If I didn't do those photos, there would have been nothing posted, and ergo, there would be no failure and nothing to punish.

Look... I'm not trying to be mean... but, you don't know my Big Sister like I do. She doesn't read the sarcasm or the playful teasing in your comments. She reads an opportunity and then she can direct my ire at you all instead of her. It really is bad enough trying to battle her twisted logic, please don't add fuel to the fire. And she... controls me. I can't really fight her in a battle of wills, because she knows how to get exactly what she wants from me. I use to be able to negotiate and at least keep some taste to these things, but lately it seems like she has it all planned out in her head and anything I say regarding it is immediately dismissed. I mean, these are my pictures. It's me and my image and reputation at stake every time the camera clicks; shouldn't I have some input into the process and output??

Maybe one day I'll figure her out, and we'll be on even ground again... but, until that happens I'm at her mercy. So, just please, be careful about what you say. And for those who were calling for punishment or redo or whatever... here's your pound of flesh. I hope you realize that with great power comes great responsibility... 'cause my Big Sister hasn't

Halloween 2010 Punishment

Shy Chrissy vs. the World

So... OK maybe I'm not Scott Pilgrim, and I wasn't exactly spending this last little while fighting for the affections of a girl, but sometimes it just feels like the world is against you, right?

Despite all of you insisting to post comments even when I ask you not to, I had thought maybe my "Big Sister" had finally grown tired of this little game and decided to move on. She went AWOL for a while, but alas she returned.

My "Big Sister" left me to my own devices to try and come up with something appropriate for Halloween. Now, her idea of what's appropriate differs widely from mine, so I was lost in terms of what to do. I scrambled around, desperate for something. I came up with something I figured would work, a bunny costume that was more cute than overtly sexy.

I took the pics without the slightest idea of what poses a bunny girl would do, let alone a girl or a bunny. But, then the clock stuck midnight and the black magic of Halloween was finally lifted, I realized I'd made a serious error: I forgot the most critical aspect of my costume, the ears. On top of that, the poses I struck didn't show the second most critical aspect of the costume, the bunny tail... so, all I really had was me in girlie stuff, doing absolutely absurd poses.

You'd think my big sister had some taste for quality. You thought wrong. Apparently, she'd rather just humiliate me through quantity over quality. So, here's the disastrous pictures of a bunny costume that wasn't. Sometimes once a year is too often...

Over 200 Served

Over 200 Moments of Joy!

The community seems to be enjoying my little 'sisters' activities of late. By my estimation (assuming the majority of the followers of this blog are of the male persuasion) that's approximately four cups worth of 'enjoyment'. Four cups plus actually (since many of you have voted for 'more than once'.)

Now to all of you who voted 'not yet'... what's it going to take?

Who knows? You might just get your wish.

-Chrissy's Sis

Vicky or Freddy??

So I don't usually respond to comments from my blog, but the question asked kind of fit with what was happening in my little town.

Commenter Jake asked if I was a Victoria Secret or a Fredrick's of Hollywood girl. Well, first off Jake I'm not a girl. Second of all, I am a Canadian and so neither Victoria Secret or Fredrick's of Hollywood exist in my city... until two weeks ago. My fair city was picked to be the first one in Canada to have a brick and mortar Victoria Secret store. Here's a pick from the opening:

I guess it was kind of a big deal. No word on when Fredrick's will be invading the Great White North. So, you're probably all thinking I'm now firmly in the Secret camp, right??


A brick and mortar store doesn't change anything for me. I only get girlie stuff because My Big Sis forces me to. That usually involves her sending me a link to an online store, and that's fine by me. I wouldn't be caught dead in a lingerie store. I can barely stomach walking through the ladies section of a department store!

Plus, Canada has its own lingerie store (with online shopping): La Senza. La Senza is now owned by the same company that owns other brands, like Victoria Secret and Bed, Bath & Beyond, but it originated in Canada. So, question answered

Though, this all raises a question I have. How did my Big Sis know any of this?? She must have known something... how else to explain the outfit and poses she made she do?!!?

Bra and Panties 1

Bra and Panties 2

Bra and Panties 3

Bra and Panties 4

These have clearly been doctored...

Just like the Britney Spears cover of Cosmopolitan that's clearly been manipulated:

This photo that I'm being forced to post is obviously not really me. My face was airbrushed on. I would never ever let myself be posed in such a lewd manner.

Let's just move on. I don't want to talk about it, so I don't expect there to be any comments.

Afternoon T-Girl


Long time no blog. But, if you know the reasons behind why I usually post, then you'd know that a long absence is usually a good thing for me; I didn't have to do something girlie at my Big Sister's insistence.

But all good things must come to an end. I guess my Big Sister decided that I wasn't depressed enough and insisted that I have to dress up and take photos. Now you'd be disgusted by the outfits and poses she was proposing. Thankfully, I caught her in a good mood or something, because I was able to convince her that wearing a tasteful dress and doing more lady-like poses was the way to go.

I realize that looking at the photos now that it probably isn't to my benefit to state that I negotiated to take these photos, but you have no idea how bad it could have been. Plus, my Big Sis has a way of saying she agrees, but then it manages to sneak in a few things that are not exactly what I thought we agreed upon. Anyways, here's the shots... pray for me that there won't be any more for a long time.




Also, do not comment on this post. Let's show my Big Sister that you don't support her decision to do this to me and that it should stop. If she thinks no one is looking at this stuff, then I'm hoping she'll realize she's not getting attention and move on to torment someone else.

I am such a Princess? (The answer is no)

So, my big sister thinks I'm not posting enough here and said I have to post something. She said I had to post that specific title (I added the punctuation and what's in the parenthesis), and she gave me a list of  specific words I have to use and relate to the title. This is silly isn't it?? I mean, this is supposed to be a blog; a running log of MY thoughts and not some forced writing exercise. But, whatever. She says something bad will happen if I don't do this... so here goes:

I have to have my dreamy sleep on pink satin every night. So you'd think that would point towards me being a princess, but I'm certain princesses get to decide what color and type of material they get to sleep on. So based on the fact I have to sleep on those things, means I'm not a princess.

Has my tummy, clean-shaven legs, and or painted toes elicited  comments like HAWT, mouth-watering, or cutie? Yes, they have... so you'd think that would make me a princess... but wrong again. Princesses were locked up, and when they weren't they were always seen in a formal, regal, and proper manner. In order words, you'd never have been able to see their tummies, bare legs, or toes. So, the fact that you've all seen mine yet again proves I'm not in fact a princess.

Lastly, princesses are boy-crazy. They have to be, back then a princess was used as an asset. They were married as part of a strategic alliance more than anything else. The worst thing that could happen would be for a princess to displease her new husband in some way, and put the alliance between her husband's people and her blood-relations in jeopardy. So they had to be "boy-crazy." And obviously for those who know me or have had the chance to read my posts before my big sister goes in and edits them, I do not like boys. It's just not my thing. I adore women and that's the gender I'm crazy about.

So that's that. I'm more than certain you'll be able to figure out which words she made me include in this post. And despite those, I was still able to write my true opinion.

Lastly, she said I had post a related picture. So fine. I'm guessing when you saw the title of my post, you were all probably thinking you'd see a tgirl princess. Well, you are... it's just won't be me! HA!

(That pretty lady is Katlyn Suzuki)

Gimmie (No) More

Hello all,

Sad, horrible, terrible news. My big sister got one of those very, very, VERY bad ideas into her head. She thought it would be hilarious if I had to have Britney Spears as my role model when I took some pics. She picked out a picture of Britney's I had to emulate and made me listen to one of her songs while I got ready and took the picture. Let me tell you dear reader, nothing could be more humiliating or humbling than having done this. After my exposure to her, I can promise you that she didn't win a fan here.

Anyways, my big sister didn't think it was good enough to just make me take the pic, she thought it would be funny to create like a mini-poster. Ugh, I feel Toxic...

Suggestions for Chrissy

See Chrissy? You have all these lovely people paying attention to you!

You should be totally excited about all this attention and enthusiasm for your growing cuteness!

So what should we make her do next? Offer some serious suggestions and it just might happen.

And to reward all of you for your continued visits and attention, here's a little candid shot of our pretty victim from one of her blonde days. Doesn't she look like she's having fun?

Chrissy's Sis

Fun Days in Your PJ's

Hey all,

I've been getting pressure by my Big Sister to post something here. So, I figured I'd go back to finding pictures on the web of outfits I like. So here's one from the only place I seem to shop these days... Victoria's Secret:

I really like this outfit because it looks practical, warm, and still SUPER sexy. I love her little bracelets and her not quite perfectly together hair. The top is super cute, with the top being cut just that little bit too low and the hem of the shirt ending just a little bit too high. Her pants are an adorable shade of pink, too.

While lingerie is great and all, I would have absolutely nothing to complain about if I was snuggled up like a girl wearing that on Valentine's Day. Wouldn't you agree? Let me know if you'd like to see me in this outfit... or offer your own suggestions.

Ad Confusion

Hey all,

Good news, my big sister hasn't been bugging me for a while, so I haven't had to dress up fully for a while. Yay!! But, I figured I should do some sort of post up here. I was flipping through a magazine. There's no need to state the name of the magazine or what type of content it focuses on, but I found a striking advertisement that I thought I would share.

It's a two page ad, where on one page there's one part of the ad, and then you flip the page and there's another ad for the same product.

So on the first page there is this image:

So you see this beautiful girl who, with her hair and holding an over-sized bottle of the perfume, looks almost like an innocent fairy or pixie. She looks just as delicate and feminine as the design of the perfume bottle, which is a tipped heart with a pretty silver charm.

But, then you turn the page and see this:

Now, maybe due the circumstance my big sister has put me into I'm more sensitive to this... but the way the bottle and her hand is positioned, it looks a lot like she's... uh, y'know!! Now, I could get into a big discussion about sexual symbolism, but I'm guessing no one reading this is interested in that sort of discussion. But, in an ad that's about perfume in which there is nothing masculine in frame, a simple pose and placement of product changes everything. It's quite a different message than the first page and for whatever reason I could not stop looking at this ad. So I guess it worked...

Then again, I haven't purchased the perfume so maybe it didn't!
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