I am such a Princess? (The answer is no)

So, my big sister thinks I'm not posting enough here and said I have to post something. She said I had to post that specific title (I added the punctuation and what's in the parenthesis), and she gave me a list of  specific words I have to use and relate to the title. This is silly isn't it?? I mean, this is supposed to be a blog; a running log of MY thoughts and not some forced writing exercise. But, whatever. She says something bad will happen if I don't do this... so here goes:

I have to have my dreamy sleep on pink satin every night. So you'd think that would point towards me being a princess, but I'm certain princesses get to decide what color and type of material they get to sleep on. So based on the fact I have to sleep on those things, means I'm not a princess.

Has my tummy, clean-shaven legs, and or painted toes elicited  comments like HAWT, mouth-watering, or cutie? Yes, they have... so you'd think that would make me a princess... but wrong again. Princesses were locked up, and when they weren't they were always seen in a formal, regal, and proper manner. In order words, you'd never have been able to see their tummies, bare legs, or toes. So, the fact that you've all seen mine yet again proves I'm not in fact a princess.

Lastly, princesses are boy-crazy. They have to be, back then a princess was used as an asset. They were married as part of a strategic alliance more than anything else. The worst thing that could happen would be for a princess to displease her new husband in some way, and put the alliance between her husband's people and her blood-relations in jeopardy. So they had to be "boy-crazy." And obviously for those who know me or have had the chance to read my posts before my big sister goes in and edits them, I do not like boys. It's just not my thing. I adore women and that's the gender I'm crazy about.

So that's that. I'm more than certain you'll be able to figure out which words she made me include in this post. And despite those, I was still able to write my true opinion.

Lastly, she said I had post a related picture. So fine. I'm guessing when you saw the title of my post, you were all probably thinking you'd see a tgirl princess. Well, you are... it's just won't be me! HA!

(That pretty lady is Katlyn Suzuki)


  1. Vera Wylde said...:

    Now the big question is: do you WANT to be a princess? Because you could be quite easily. Though I think that you'd find being an easy tramp much more natural for you.

  1. Chrissy said...:

    No, Vera I do NOT want to be a princess and I most definitely do not want to be a tramp, easy for otherwise.

  1. m said...:

    Chrissy you are a princess that is just another name for a male that dresses in women cloths which you do on a regular basis.You claim your sister forces you to do it but you do have a choice and you choose to dress face it you are a princess and i also think you are boy crazy too.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Did the Princess retire?

  1. Atari Tiger said...:

    wooohooo I'm the 100th follower to your site!!!

    Do I get a prize??

    Now I can completely understand where you are coming from Chrissy. You must not give in!!! However I think the label 'princess' is something that you are given by others and certainly most people will view you as such irrespective of how you feel so it sounds like you may not have much of a choice and end up being a princess after all.

    Also..I've also started my own blog over at http://crossdreamer.blogspot.com and I've put a link in to this site if that's ok

    Tina (Ataritiger)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You are so totally a princess... admit it! I'll even bet you still play with Barbie and Ken dolls you had when you were a little girl! - M.

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