Like y'know... whatever

So, my big sister chatted to me online a couple days ago. We were having a pleasant, real conversation which I found great... and then she had to bring up what I was wearing...

So, yes I opened the box and yes it contained the lingerie and yes I've had to wear one of those garments everyday.

So that day I had on the white satin and lace chemise. After she had her giggle... which by the way feels like a punch to the stomach. She so "innocently" asked me what I liked about it. Which is the equivalent of asking what was your favorite part of your root canal. When I said the one thing that I thought was best, that wasn't good enough. She continued to ask directed and biased questions until there were a few things that ended up being in the "like pile." She then said that there's a blog post right there... and she managed to snag me into one of her traps again. Ugh!!

So here is the stupid list of things I "like" about my white satin and lace chemise:
  • The satin is white and the lace accents are black so it looks like a very beautiful garment on its own.
  • Besides the pj set, this item provides the most coverage to my body.
  • The feel of the satin against my skin.
  • The way it slides against me as I move.
  • It shows off my legs nicely.
I think it should be obvious which "like" is actually mine.

She also demanded that I show three potential poses that I should do in this garment. And you guessed it, she had the examples all loaded and ready. I got no say or input at all. So, I don't know we'll call them poses 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

In no way have I agreed to take a photo in the winning pose and I promise you I will fight tooth and nail on this. I'll let my sis have her day in the sun by letting you vote, but she can't just take and take and take. So vote for one of these poses, OR vote for the happy 4th option which is to stand with me and tell my sis that I shouldn't have to take photos I don't want to.

Pandora's Parcel

So when I came home today there was this evil brown box delivered to me. It seemed just like every other brown cardboard box put through the rigors of the postal system... but this one is much more sinister.

There is no special marking on it.  The company name isn't emblazoned on it like other boxes, but this had an evil 3 word company describing where this package originated from.

I didn't have to open it.  I knew what was inside and so do you.  We've discussed the contents already on here.  And now it sits on my table, isolated and unopened.  I don't want it infecting other parts of my apartment.

Once that parcel is open, if my sister gets her way, those will be the items I wear consistently at home for the foreseeable future...

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get out of this??  If you're on my sister's side what do you think I should wear first?

We have just lost cabin pressure...

Best Served Cold?

Thanks for all of your comments on my series.  Each one counts... well until they get to three (not including mine).

So my sis wants me to post something and I refuse to do it.  She's been trying for the last couple days.  She's pulled out all the stops; threats, guilt trips, pouting, pleading... even negotiating which is something she never lets me do.

And despite all that I have refused.  Maybe those hormones are working just as I intended.  Well to a degree.  She said that my disobedience means that I am a bad girl and as such I should be spanked.

Which if you check the results of the poll, is no longer in the lead.  So, I don't think being spanked is relevant anymore, but my sis insistent.  So whatever, I've decided to post this picture and hopefully that will end her mood.

Hrmmm... maybe the hormones are just putting me on a time delay instead.

Paper or Plastic bonus

Again, thanks to all of you for your comments. For those of you that care, I got the Satin and Lace Babydoll in Violetta.

So, yes there is one more post. I know that seems odd because my sis said that I only need 5 pieces. And I would have been happy with any number less than 5 (including throwing lingerie away to get into the negatives), but I got a promo code. Long story short, if I spent a few more bucks to reach another threshold, the total would end up being cheaper than leaving the order as is. So, I got one more piece. And while yes, I know how some of you are going to react, my thinking was that if I have to buy this stuff, I wanted it to be the cheapest possible so I had more money for masculine things... plus, my sister said I would have to wear these items everyday, so it's not like another piece is going to change the length of time I have to wear all of these things anyway. So, here it is. This isn't the last piece I picked in case you were wondering, this was the piece I wanted to avoid the longest.

Cool satin gets hot in a racy teddy design with sexy open front, sparkling lace and front tie. Accented with lace, back crisscross ties. G-string back. I fail to understand how anyone reading that would then want to purchase this item. They'd literally freeze their butt off in a getup like this.

Anyways, this item comes in Black or Pucker Pink. I don't think the color makes a difference to someone like me in a getup like that.

So that's it. These are items my big sister wants me to wear everyday to sleep and lounge around in. What do you think? Which is your favorite? Did you think it made sense for me to buy an extra item? Should we start a pool on how soon I catch ill from overexposure? Please comment, comment, comment.

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