When is a Lesbian Not a Lesbian...

Just like any other conditioned subject, the thought of having to write another post fills me with dread before I've even hit the "Publish Post" button.

It's been a busy time for me. And for different reasons, it's been busy for my big sister too. So, lucky for me there hasn't been a request from her to take pictures lately. And no pictures means no posts here. So you're thinking how lucky and fortunate I've been this past little while. I can see why you'd think that. I would think the same thing. But, sadly you are mistaken.

Maybe she took exception to the fact that I defined our sisterly relationship in the last post. Or maybe she just feels a need to make me wrong wherever possible. So, she's taken it to a little beyond sisters. She's had me pleasuring her. Awesome, right? I mean, an awesome, amazing goddess wants me to pleasure her...

... only it's never that straightforward with Big Sis. She's wearing a strap on while I pleasure her. So it's guy and girl action. Only the guy has to pretend to be a girl. And the girl is wearing a strap-on. I would still say this falls under the category of lesbian action, though. Maybe not the best label for my ego, but certainly not the worst.

But, it is getting worse. She calls it training. And I'm not allowed to refer to it as a strap-on. Despite her attempts to try and twist and manipulate the situation, this is what I'm picturing in my head...(at least most of the time):

I don't know how many genetic girls read this blog, but I could use their help for a little peace of mind. These kinds of situations could come up innocently, yes? Maybe at a slumber party or whatever. Some curious experimentation between friends or what not? Please tell me this is typical female behavior, and I'm just not use to it.
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