Suggestions for Chrissy

See Chrissy? You have all these lovely people paying attention to you!

You should be totally excited about all this attention and enthusiasm for your growing cuteness!

So what should we make her do next? Offer some serious suggestions and it just might happen.

And to reward all of you for your continued visits and attention, here's a little candid shot of our pretty victim from one of her blonde days. Doesn't she look like she's having fun?

Chrissy's Sis

Fun Days in Your PJ's

Hey all,

I've been getting pressure by my Big Sister to post something here. So, I figured I'd go back to finding pictures on the web of outfits I like. So here's one from the only place I seem to shop these days... Victoria's Secret:

I really like this outfit because it looks practical, warm, and still SUPER sexy. I love her little bracelets and her not quite perfectly together hair. The top is super cute, with the top being cut just that little bit too low and the hem of the shirt ending just a little bit too high. Her pants are an adorable shade of pink, too.

While lingerie is great and all, I would have absolutely nothing to complain about if I was snuggled up like a girl wearing that on Valentine's Day. Wouldn't you agree? Let me know if you'd like to see me in this outfit... or offer your own suggestions.
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