New Years Resolution

So the time is counting down.  Time to say goodbye to '08 and bring on a whole new year.

I can't wait to put this past year behind me.  It was certainly one thing to have to experience the stuff that happened to me, it's quite another when she makes me talk about it, or worse, post about it here.

So, I say bring on the New Year!!  Cause I'm going to be a new person next year... Which bring me to my resolution.  Now normally I'm not big into things like that, but I'm going to make an exception this time.  I only have one resolution, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be easy to keep... cause it involves me just being me.

I resolve to...

... putting an end to the girly insanity.  No more 

being pushed around.  No more having to choose between the lesser of two evils.  I'm going to stand up for myself.  I'm standing up and saying I'm not going to take it anymore!!

You'll see... 

... well, you won't see it here... 

The Lesser of Two Evils...

Lots of people do it...  It helps ball players get out of a slump... Maybe it was dark when you were trying to dress after a one night stand... some are superstitous...

None of those reasons were why I had to do it.  It's cause SHE said if I didn't, the alternative would be much, much worse.  I have no idea how it gets any worse, but her threats are never idle.

So I had to wear panties today.  Not the whole day.  I would never... but for a time when I got home....

Bikini.  Cotton.  Lace trim.  Pink.

I have no idea how girls can wear these things all day.  They sit way too low for starters and they don't cover everything the way they are cut.  What's the point of wearing them if that's the case?!?!

It was dumb.  It was silly.  But at least it's done.

My Blog is not a democracy!!!!

Do not vote on the little poll on the sidebar.

She told me she's didn't know anything about this type of stuff.  And now... and now I see she knows how to place up some sort of banner thing and now a poll. Well, it doesn't matter.  I know who I am.  I am not anything of those silly options on the side.  None of those are the real me:

Innocent School Girl???  I'm not in school.  And I'm obviously not a girl.  I am innocent in all this.  I didn't do anything to anybody to deserve this.

Undressing and eager.  I sure am eager.  Eager to undress the lies she's putting up about me.  All this window dressing to try and make me seem like something I'm not.  It's not going to work.

Ready for action... viva la revolution!  Please, do your part.  Do not participate in the polls.  Ask her to stop in the comments.  Or just stop visiting the blog.  Sooner or later she'll figure it out.  She can't do this to people like us.  I have rights.  My life is not to be rules by the whims of others. 

Just to Prove She's Wrong

To further prove my point about that first pic not being a beginning, here is another one I had to take for Halloween one year:

 This picture was taken before the one she posted and labelled the beginning.  I think I have thoroughly discredited the person who high-jacked my blog and I should have no reason to worry that any of you will take her posts seriously.


Hey!!! Don't post that...

This isn't funny. This is supposed to be MY blog. My chance to say what I want... unfiltered.

That was not a beginning. Not an adventure. Not an anything. It was a blip... a mistake... nothing.

Just ignore it. Thank you.


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