Hey!!! Don't post that...

This isn't funny. This is supposed to be MY blog. My chance to say what I want... unfiltered.

That was not a beginning. Not an adventure. Not an anything. It was a blip... a mistake... nothing.

Just ignore it. Thank you.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Dear Christine,
    I am very eager to become like you. Somehow,I dont feel like my self anymore. I want to dress sexy and walk in the street. I want to make men horny. Somehow, I have ask my self thousand times and I am very clear that I want to be a women, is there any chance that I could be like you? If you really wont mind, I would be glad to come find you no matter where are you. I want to stop my self to be a man and change fully to be a sexy hot women but I am without guidance. Pleased reply me as soon as possible. If can, email me, alexwong000@live.com

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