The Lesser of Two Evils...

Lots of people do it...  It helps ball players get out of a slump... Maybe it was dark when you were trying to dress after a one night stand... some are superstitous...

None of those reasons were why I had to do it.  It's cause SHE said if I didn't, the alternative would be much, much worse.  I have no idea how it gets any worse, but her threats are never idle.

So I had to wear panties today.  Not the whole day.  I would never... but for a time when I got home....

Bikini.  Cotton.  Lace trim.  Pink.

I have no idea how girls can wear these things all day.  They sit way too low for starters and they don't cover everything the way they are cut.  What's the point of wearing them if that's the case?!?!

It was dumb.  It was silly.  But at least it's done.


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