Afternoon T-Girl


Long time no blog. But, if you know the reasons behind why I usually post, then you'd know that a long absence is usually a good thing for me; I didn't have to do something girlie at my Big Sister's insistence.

But all good things must come to an end. I guess my Big Sister decided that I wasn't depressed enough and insisted that I have to dress up and take photos. Now you'd be disgusted by the outfits and poses she was proposing. Thankfully, I caught her in a good mood or something, because I was able to convince her that wearing a tasteful dress and doing more lady-like poses was the way to go.

I realize that looking at the photos now that it probably isn't to my benefit to state that I negotiated to take these photos, but you have no idea how bad it could have been. Plus, my Big Sis has a way of saying she agrees, but then it manages to sneak in a few things that are not exactly what I thought we agreed upon. Anyways, here's the shots... pray for me that there won't be any more for a long time.




Also, do not comment on this post. Let's show my Big Sister that you don't support her decision to do this to me and that it should stop. If she thinks no one is looking at this stuff, then I'm hoping she'll realize she's not getting attention and move on to torment someone else.
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