How Dare She!!

This is outrageous!!!!!  You (those of you who still even bother) all saw what she did right???  She CHANGED what I wrote!!  She's been going in and adding pictures (which have obviously been doctored to look like me, but that's a whole other issue) and changing what I wrote.

It's Orwellian in every sense imaginable.  Do not let her get away with this!!  Do not comment.  Do not visit this site.

I don't think I really need to go over all the lies in her post.  I WILL state for the record that I am  sexually attracted to men and women, but I'm not here for my pleasure, only for the pleasure of others.   Be rest-assured that I am turning into all woman.

Sorry to post and run.  I need to hurry and start my kisses to those who commented.  If I don't, bad things will happen.

Comment for a kiss

Since so many of you took the time to vote for our sexy school girl, a reward is in order.  Just post a comment here and Chrissy will give you the most mind-numbingly erotic kiss you can imagine.  If it doesn't arouse you instantly just say so and she will be punished.  She ESPECIALLY likes kissing guys, but she's not afraid of a little girl-on-girl action (although she won't admit it).

Just as I predicted

I just wanted to let you all know that I think I'm winning the battle to reclaim myself from my big sister.

I haven't had to dress up or do anything against my will in this new year.  To be honest, I didn't think it would be going so well this early in the year...  I guess that just goes to prove that old saying about bullies: If you just push back, they'll run away.

I can't remember the actual saying, but you get the picture.  Anyways, just as I said before no news is good news.  Which is what this is.  No news.  So for the very few of you who are even bothering to still check in here, don't.  

Soon, there won't be anything left of my manhood. Come back and check.  You'll see.

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