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Since so many of you took the time to vote for our sexy school girl, a reward is in order.  Just post a comment here and Chrissy will give you the most mind-numbingly erotic kiss you can imagine.  If it doesn't arouse you instantly just say so and she will be punished.  She ESPECIALLY likes kissing guys, but she's not afraid of a little girl-on-girl action (although she won't admit it).


  1. Tom Bovis said...:

    that sounds like one amazing kiss Chrissy.

  1. Danie said...:

    Oh, that does sound amazing.

  1. Chrissy said...:

    So my big sis had me practice my kissing before I was allowed to post... something about it being good enough or showing "I" (and let it be clear that I wasn't the one who promised anything) don't over-promise or whatever...

    So Tom... my hand casually brushes your arm and I quickly catch your gaze before shyly turning away. My hand brushes your arm again and I blush but cannot bring myself to meet your eyes. I take a small step closer to you and bite my lip. I lick my lips a little and lean in, my lips gently touching yours.

    I breathe in slightly as my mouth opens a little. My jaw relaxes, awaiting your tongue in my mouth. My tongue swirls with yours, and I find my mouth sucking on it a little. My hands start to move up to my chest and I let out a small moan as I can't help but start touching myself. My tongue continues to mingle with yours. I let out a small moan as our kiss finally breaks. I open my eyes and give you a submissive look...

  1. Chrissy said...:

    This kiss is for Danie...

    I blush as I see you looking my way. I give a small smile and bite my lip. When I see you look my way again I look down slightly, but I lick my lips. As we come close I close my eyes and lean in slowly.

    I feel our lips meet softly. My lips slip down and kiss your bottom lip, the taste of your lipgloss dancing on my tongue. My breathe catches in my throat as my lips part slightly. My mouth continues to part as it feels your tongue push past my lips. I whimper as my tongue teases yours.

    My tongue continues to lap at yours, when I take your hands in mine and place them on my body. I moan softly as our tongue continue to entwine. I find my hand snaking down between my legs and slipping inside my panties. My thighs clamp around it and I match the motion of my hand to the rhythm of our kissing. This continues until I whimper loudly as I feel my hand become slightly damp. I reluctantly break off our kiss and look at you with desperate eyes...

  1. Vera Wylde said...:

    I know it's been a while but I didn't say any "limited time off" notice on kisses, and I certainly wouldn't mind one.

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