How Dare She!!

This is outrageous!!!!!  You (those of you who still even bother) all saw what she did right???  She CHANGED what I wrote!!  She's been going in and adding pictures (which have obviously been doctored to look like me, but that's a whole other issue) and changing what I wrote.

It's Orwellian in every sense imaginable.  Do not let her get away with this!!  Do not comment.  Do not visit this site.

I don't think I really need to go over all the lies in her post.  I WILL state for the record that I am  sexually attracted to men and women, but I'm not here for my pleasure, only for the pleasure of others.   Be rest-assured that I am turning into all woman.

Sorry to post and run.  I need to hurry and start my kisses to those who commented.  If I don't, bad things will happen.


  1. monica luv said...:

    You are too cute christine! Don't let your hang ups get in the way of being the prettiest girl you can be.

  1. I would love to work with "big sister" to turn you into the woman you long to be.

  1. Master David said...:

    Christine your sister knows what you really are a submissive sissy she is only correcting your post because your are to afraid to publish the truth about your self.The truth is you want to be a pretty girl that wants to satisfy men sexually.

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