Post a fantasy, win a prize

Poor Chrissy is obviously in need of something.  Her posts of late have been far too pissy and contradictory. 

So let's help her out.

Post a naughty little fantasy based on this image of her.  It can be as long or short as you like (Chrissy likes them long) 

Each entry will be reviewed and if we get a clear winner, you will receive a personal post from Chrissy re-enacting your fantasy for her in her own words.  

Remember that she likes to make everything hard (not that she has to try very hard looking like she does), so remember to make your fantasies with her arduous and more for your own benefit than for her.  She prefers it that way.


  1. Melina said...:

    My fantasy is pure and simple I'd love to half to replace Chrissy. She'd invite me over be kind and caring and then suddenly without warning would knock me out and force me to take her place me waking up to her smiling face and me trapped in the above outfit.

  1. Al Fitzgerald said...:

    Well my fantasy is the obvious one. For some reason or another Chrissy and I are in close quarters, perhaps a bit drunk. I rub her leg. She gasps a bit surprised and confused by the touch. Secretly though she is thrilled by the sens of electricity that shoots up her body. Soon our eyes meet, soon followed by our lips. I push my tongue past the plump and coy blockade of her delicately painted lips. She unwittingly lets a soft moan escape her mouth.
    I move her hand to my growing jean covered erection. I help her unzip and unleash my hardening dick. I move my hand to the back of her head. I begin to guide her head down, when she starts to pull away a little. I meet this resistance with renewed force and slowly coax her hard towards my erect phallus.
    Eventually I have her soft lips pressed against the winking eye of cock-head.After some mild persuasion she realizes she secretly wants to taste my man-meat and with the guidance of my hand begins to give the best oral-sex I have ever received. Finally drawing me to the verge of orgasm. I pull out and shoot a large, white, steaming load on her beautiful face.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It's been awhile since we heard from Christine. Maybe she finally escaped her mistress.

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