Signs: You're in Trouble

I'm absolutely dreading this post. When I saw what my Big sis has done, I felt ill, helpless, and doomed...

It all started with this clothing demand. When I first started dressing, it was all about quantity as a way to explore. So I'd visit sites like eBay looking for lots of clothing on the cheap. In hindsight this may not have been a great idea as I usually pick a lot of clothing based on really wanting one or two items amongst the pile. And after being somewhat selective as time went on, I now have a pile of girls clothes but I really only like a small fraction of them.

So why am I telling you this? In one of the lots, one of the tops that I considered a throw in had a cheeky slogan on it. I can only assume this girl had grown up and wanted to get rid of some of her more... rebellious clothes. Let me be perfectly clear: In no way does this shirt describe me, my personality, or my sexual orientation. In fact, its quite the opposite. So years later when my Big Sis started to insist on more types of photos, I sent her pics of the various clothes I had. I certainly did not want her to know about this shirt, but I must have accidentally gotten it in frame or I missed cropping it or something. She's been holding this top over my head for the longest time. I guess for her, she just wasn't going to be denied her cruel fun.

Usually, she'll torment me with something really bad (like this shirt), and I have to beg and plead and compromise on other things to try and limit the damage. That's right; the pictures you usually see here are not as bad as originally envisioned by my Big Sis. But not this time. She insisted over and over on this outfit. There was no negotiation. Period. She didn't budge on a thing. I had to wear these items specifically. And I had to hold up a big piece of blank paper. And she wanted it right away. I tried to delay things by asking her for specific poses and such, but it wasn't any good.

So, I got ready and when the time came to take the pictures I had to think of how to hold this sign. I didn't know what I was doing, and I wasn't enjoying the passing minutes in the getup. So, I just took pictures of any pose I could think of. I figured if one of the poses pleased her, then at least she wouldn't make me get in this getup again and redo the pictures... and then probably punish me on top of it.

So once I sent her the pictures, I had to sit and wait. My mind would race with thoughts on people seeing me in the shirt and getting the wrong idea about me (which based on the comments I get, I'd say my Big Sis has been very successful at giving people the wrong idea about me). Then, my mind would go sick trying to think of what she was possibly going to superimpose on that blank piece of paper. But, my Big Sis disappeared for a while. So, after almost a week, I forgot about it... and that's when I heard from her.

I'll admit that my mind had thought she would be crueler... but, when she told me to post them to multiple locations, that's when the real feeling of dread settled into my stomach. All I can ask for is that you please don't say anything disgusting in the comments and please understand that my top does NOT describe me, my personality, or my sexual orientation. She made me wear it in order to maximize my humiliation and emasculation.









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