Paper or Plastic part 5

Thanks for all your comments on this to date.  It's nice to know you all have an opinion on what's going on one way or the other.  Because there were three comments on the last post, I'll let it be known that I chose the Satin and Lace Chemise in White.

So moving right along... I think anyone could agree that all the purchases I've revealed to date would be more than enough for a girl, let alone a guy who's being forced to wear them.  But, my big sister had a minimum of the number of pieces I was to purchase so there's more.  That's how mean my sister is; when she comes up with a humiliating idea, she always has to take it up to an unbearable level.  Anyways, here is another item I had to purchase:

A little bit romantic, a little bit racy. Smooth satin is accented with delicate lace and feminine triple bow detailing. Sexy side slit.  Another one of the items that my big sister picked out. 

It comes in White, Something Blue, Violetta, and Fredericks Pink. Please comment on which color you think I picked or which color you want to see me in.

If you ask me this item is completely impractical.  And for once, my big sister agreed... and that why she insist I pick it?!?!  Now, you would all have to agree that I'm in the right and she's in the wrong.  My sister's intent with these is so that I can "sleep in and wander around the house" in them.  Ludicrous, right??  We'll just see what happens.  Hopefully by the time they arrive, my big sister will have forgotten and moved onto some other hair-brained idea.  What do you think?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    You will look so hot in that.

  1. You know, Chrissy, I've teased you a lot about your descent into femininity... maybe I didn't appreciate your position before... although you on your hands and knees is quite enticing... :)

    But still, you know... I've been working on moving my own blog over here... which I'll open when I've finished it... and looking back over it, I've suffered almost as much as you haven't I? I've had to be in chastity, buy some embarrassing things (thankfully it's more difficult for me to do that than it is you), on top of listening and watching some icky, girly stuff... my archive blog entries will showcase some of those horrors.

    But I'm lucky. I haven't heard from my mistresses in some months now, since the start of the year in fact. So I've been able to regain much of my masculine ways, and I've released myself from chastity as there's nobody to lock me back in it again. It's a wonderful feeling to be free, believe me, to not have to suffer so many girly things! If I do want to be a little bit girly, I can do it under my own command, and not from some mischievous mistress! I'm free, yay! *giggle*

    You, though... well, you have your big sister. And, let's be honest, she's helped you choose some delicious outfits. From your previous pictures, you'll look great, and it's only a matter of time before we see you modelling them. Whether you'll like doing it or not is another matter, but I'll be as happy to see it as anyone else. I doubt she's evil - she's just doing what she thinks is right for you, I'm sure. If you can't persuade her otherwise then... well...

    Doesn't mean I don't sympathise though. I'm torn between sticking by Gal in her support, and siding with the others who want you to be a slut. So I'm on the fence a little... you might need to persuade me you're not as girly as you claim you're being forced to be, because you seem to be enjoying it even while claiming that you're not! Make up your mind!

    And, all that said, it can't be all bad... I mean, if your sister really wanted you to feel girly, even when posting here, she'd want a much less plain design for the blog, wouldn't she? I'm surprised she hasn't made you decorate your new home with lots of pink or flowers or something like that... so it could be worse! At least you've had control over that by the looks of it. So be thankful for small mercies Chrissy! ;)

  1. Chrissy said...:

    Well you should side with Gal and me!!

    To address some of your comments Glenda, I have no control over this blog at all. My sis is the admin. I only have edit control over my own posts, that's it. So I don't know why she's happy with this plain design, but let's not complain about it, ok?

    I try to persuade her otherwise, but she just won't hear it. We've known each other long enough now, that it's like playing ards with the same person over and over again. Eventually you both know each other's moves... only she always holds all the trump cards, so it's futile.

    My sister loves to take things out of context so that when I have to write about them or from a certain angle, I look much worse than how things really went.

    As for seeming to hate things. I've just grown up with the idea that you can't just sulk through life. So, while I don't like everything we do, I try my best to get them over with as quickly as possible.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Oh... poor baby girl... having to walk around in such a flimsy, revealing outfit... I know how hard it will be in such a delicate ensemble... but I don't feel bad for you at all... not with all those other pretty outfits to choose from... after all, a girl loves to have options, doesn't she, Chrissy? - M.

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