Won't someone think of the children??

First off, I shouldn't have to point out just how much my big sis has changed my post. Now onto the post:

This has to be a new low... My big sister has been tormenting me for the last weeks, but this has to bottom of the bottom. She's had it set up in such a way that I have to find arousing things to few everyday, and while to most that sounds like a great thing, my sister had a way of twisting everything that's good.

But now... but now I'm supposed to catalogue those things here. This is a horrible thing. Isn't the majority of societies set up around hiding things of this nature. Clothing, doors, the wrapper on adult magazine's at the convenience store... the public doesn't want to know. Society crumbles if everyone's shadows see light.

So here's the first post on this I guess; I found them at this imagefap gallery:


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