Paper or Plastic part 3

I see no one commented on the last one.  I hope that's your way of protesting this silly lingerie idea that my sis came up with.  But, no comments so I won't reveal of what color I ended up getting yet.  Of course, if that changes I'd be more than happy to reveal what color I picked.  Plus it would really help me as my sister's rule about how your comments are related to my... personal satisfaction is very much in play.  I think it amuses her to no end.

I alluded that the choices get worse in my last post, so here is today's reveal of the lingerie I had to purchase for myself:

Again, the site describes this item as such: Sleek and sultry, this satin romper gets a provocative edge from sexy open sides and an open back. Halter ties, back hook-n-eye closure.

The colors available were: White, Teal Tide, Blueberry, Fredericks Red, Black, and Pink Pucker.  So which one did I choose??

Absolutely humiliating.  No man should be wearing this!  He should be smiling as he unwraps his beautiful girlfriend who is wearing it.  I can't believe that I am going to have to be wearing this items on a regular basis soon enough.

I picked it because it's a romper and I'm pretty sure a romper means that the bottoms are like attached shorts or something like that.  And based on the items I still have left to reveal, something with bottom coverage is going to be very important to me.

And, in case you didn't notice all these items are of a satin material.  My big sis wants these items to be and I quote, "completely sensual against your skin." I will admit that since I've had to keep my legs smooth, I've noticed the feel of fabrics a lot more. And yes, satin has a very... nice feeling.  But, girls wear satin not guys.  Girls wear satin because they want their skin to feel that way and to have someone touch them through that.  Am I right?  Can you please explain this to my sister as she wont' listen to me!

So please comment and explain to her why girls wear lingerie and guys don't, I'm counting on you!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hmmm... methinks the lady doth protest too much!... You have a sister who is giving you gifts that open your doors to pleasure, perception, sensation, and indulgance... and you do NOTHING to thank her for it... there is a phrase used for girls like you... and it's ungrateful... little... spoiled... brat!

    Consider being more appreciative of what your sister has given you, little Chrissy... M.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You would look hot in that, slut.

  1. Chrissy said...:

    @M: I don't think I'm ungrateful at all! I might agree about some of what you said, if I was an actual girl and I asked my big sister to teach me about feminine lingerie. But, I am not a girl and I aksed for no such education! Surely no one else is thinking along the same lines?

    @Anon: Please stop calling me a slut. Why do you keep calling me that???

  1. galatea_inlace said...:

    Okay, putting my comment on your last blog aside, this garment is just plain silly. You are right, is something for your girlfriend to wear right before you take it off her. It is impractical for any other use. I would also like to point out, and this comes from personal observation, a man's anatomy does not find satin sensual over the long haul. In fact, it can generally lead to crotch rot. Give me absorbent fabrics that wick away perspiration away from the skin every time. Satin is definitely not one of those.

  1. sos2million said...:

    Chrissy, I will not call you a 'slut', its vulgar. I will, however, say that you clearly love wearing sexy lingerie.
    Real men don't shave their legs and enjoy the feeling of satin on said shaved legs.
    Tell us, Chrissy, who shaves their legs and wears satin lingerie- Big Sis or no?

  1. Personally Christine, I think that you are going to look stunningly gorgeous in this one.. please post a pic or two wont you? xx

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