Soft and Sensual

So it's another day and I have to share with the two of you that are reading this what I was looking at today to get me aroused. Seeing as how my arousal has to carry from day to day, its easy for me spend days going through what I find on a particular subject. So today's will look a lot like yesterday's, which I don't think anyone could complain about.

So today's material comes from a couple different imagefap galleries:

There is just something so beautiful and stimulating as seeing two women kiss? I think not. It's sexy and beautiful, but is also naughty and lustful. You get delicateness and sensuality with the same brush as animal desire. Plus, there is a balance when you have women on both sides of the lip lock. And lastly, a women's bodies and curves not to mention her inherent way to express emotions through it is something I could stare at all day...


  1. Melina said...:

    I dunno why your embarassed or ashamed Christine if I were you I'd die happy but then we don't always get what we want.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Only two of us? I read your blog every chance I get. Your self photos are hot and if you ever want to model for me while I stroke my cock (perhaps spurt on your heels?) let me know. i live in SF too!

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