Paper or Plastic part 4

So my humiliation continues.  You would think that those pieces are more than enough for my big sis to drive her point home.  We've only hit the halfway mark. *Sigh*

So continuing on, the one item that my sis seemed to really push, I think she suggested it no less than three times was a satin and lace chemise.

Bring a little old school glamour into the boudoir. This shimmering satin chemise features beautiful lace insets at thigh and bust. Adjustable straps. Side slit. Low X-back.

Well doesn't that sound just fantastic. *Eye roll*

This was clearly made for someone who has curves in all the right places.  That's obviously something I don't have.  It's going to be silly, but my sis just doesn't listen to reason.

It came in; White, Teal Tide, Blueberry, Fredericks Red, Black, and Pink Pucker.  Have a mentioned just how much tougher it is to make these choices when they name their colors this? There is just no letting up on the humiliation.  But again, please I ask for comments on which color you think I picked or should have picked.

Why anyone would want to see a guy wearing this, I have no idea.  But, I thought if I got it maybe my sis would be nicer to be down the road.  Time will tell.

So please, please comment on my posts.  I do read every comment posted and I have to admit it's nice to know people are reading what I write.

Oh, and thanks to those who commented.  The colors I picked were, Tutu Pink for the Halter Chemise and Fredericks Red for the Satin Romper.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I want to see you wearing this... but don't have the audacity to call yourself a "guy", because no "guy" would put all this effort into this... But forget about semantics and let's move onto this darling little outfit... Just think of those tiny little straps and all of that soft satin against your skin... Your skin will just scream in delight over how good it feels... And the best part is, you will have ZERO chance of complaining about this outfit once it touches your soft, smooth skin... It will just feel too good for you to help yourself, my little missy Chrissy! - M.

  1. galatea_inlace said...:

    This becomes painful to watch. An outfit like that cries out for the hips, tits, and rounded ass to pull it off and make you want to pull it off to see those luscious hips, tits, and rounded ass. All of this stuff costs a fortune, even on the internet. I should know (giggle). As to color, I am partial to red and black, occasionally royal purple. You already chose something in red and something in black is essential for any wardrobe. My choice would be black, but then I am not you and the more I read here the more I sympathize with your plight. Stop the madness before it becomes even more absurd. By this time, you probably have a better-stocked lingerie drawer than any number of real women, and for what? How many opportunities could you possibly have to wear it all? This is cruel and unusual punishment and makes me weep. I send you all of the emotional support I can muster so that you know at least one person on the planet is on your side. Your sister needs therapy!

  1. sos2million said...:

    This would be 'cruel and unusual' punishment if Chrissy didn't totally love wearing these outfits. No 'man' would, or should, wear this outfit, but Chrissy isn't a 'man'!

    As for a color, let's go simple. I think Virginal White would be very hot for this piece of lingerie on sweet little Chrissy!


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