Out of the Fire and Into...

Hi all.

So another week all over again.  It was starting to feel like Groundhog day in a way, but my big sister came up with something new.  Though, I can't tell if she's being sweet or sinister.

It's quite simple, I need 3 new comments on any given post in order for it to count towards an orgasm.  Oh yeah, so if you didn't guess she was restricting me to one orgasm a week.  It may not sounds all that bad for one week, but it wears you down... or winds you up depending on how you look at it.

So it's quite simple, those of you who read this please comment on my posts.  Feel free to do what happens on lots of sites, where someone posts the proverbial "First" post.  Also, feel free to claim that coveted second and third comment, by stating "First... edit: rats." and "third!" respectively. I encourage you to criticize my big sister for her cruel dealings... myself for anything at this point, the weather in your area... how you are allowed to orgasm at will, the fate of clean drinking water or the polar icecaps... your thoughts, reactions, tangents, asides, links, comments on comments, flame wars...

So, can you help a guy out?  I figure this could be a great way to show that you're on my side and that my big sister should cease and desist.  Thanks in advance.

P.S. In case your wondering this is what I used to help me on my one day of bliss:


  1. Anonymous said...:

    more pictures more pictures more pictures

  1. Melina said...:

    I'll help you but it will cost you big time

  1. Chrissy said...:

    What will it cost me Melina?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Poor little school girl... just begging to make her little cummies... spending all of her days and nights wishing for something hard against her... inside of her...

    I often wonder who you dream of in your fantasies... I wonder if you should share that with us... Maybe you should consider what it would be like to share your dream lover with the world...

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