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Hey all,

So before I start my post I just want to remind those of you who haven't to go ahead and click on that little "Follow" button along the right hand side, and make sure you follow publicly otherwise it won't count toward that number. Don't worry, by public they don't mean they are going to post all your personal info, it just means your profile will show up along the right. And if your profile is blank its just like following anonymously. If you haven't seen my previous post... don't look! All you need to know is that I need 50 followers and at the time of writing this I was at 48.

OK! Good news! I think I just struck a deal with my Big Sis. I didn't think it was possible, but I must have been on my "A" game and I think we may have been softened by the holiday spirit. She still has planned a couple of different "photo shoots" for the next little while, but she said I don't always have to be posting photos of me. I just have to go out into the vast Interwebs and just find pictures of girls, outfits, and/or poses I think are pretty and appeal to me and explain why.

I'll still have to take pics, but how we decide what kind isn't exactly clear to me yet, but she said I'd have A LOT more input, so I guess I can't complain as of yet. She also said your comments and on which pics would be taken into consideration somehow... but, just take your cue from me and I think everything will be fine.

So to make sure I understand the concept or test-pilot or something, she wanted me to post one up tonight. So here's the image:

The obvious place to start is to say that I think anyone would be happy to see a girl in this pose, wearing this lingerie in their bedroom. Her body and look is just so feminine. I've spent more than a few moments staring at her gorgeous lips, her matching nail polish, bedtime hair and super sexy bow. Her lingerie has that perfect balance of modern seductress (cut and fabric) and vintage pinup(pattern and ruffle details).

What do you all think about the pose and outfit? Please comment as I really want this to work, and rest assured my Big Sis will read your responses.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Those lips look so nice,
    I just want to put my cock between them

  1. I really like the pose, look and the lingerie. Would love to be put in a similar situation keep up the good work.

  1. Vera said...:

    The pose is perfect. If you were to mimic it I think something more sheer would be nice. I also see you've gotten over 50 followers now.

  1. Kelli Hot said...:

    Christine, I love the pose and the bright red lipstick. What are you going to do now? I'm sure people want to see. I know I do!!

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