A Chrissy Christmas

Hey Gang!

So, yes my big sister made me do some holiday poses. I took them and sent them to her for approval... (I'm sure she'll approve them, they are that horrible. But, I figure it was a good stall tactic! And it worked!) but she hasn't said either way. But, the good news is I sneaked in some better poses. Well, ok they aren't exactly manly poses, but I was working with what she made me wear. I know this sounds odd, but compared to what she made me do, I'm actually so much happier I get to post these poses instead. Hmmm... maybe my tactic didn't work. What do you think??

Christmas 09 pose 1 Christmas 09 pose 2

Well, either way I just want to say thanks to those who subscribed and those who comment! Despite which side your on, I know it takes effort to put in a comment or subscribe and participate, so thanks.

And I truly wish everyone has a safe, happy and magical holiday!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Cute, but a little too MUCH clothing, slut.

  1. Vera Wylde said...:

    If those poses are what you think are "manly" then your big sister really has turned your head. Even trying to be "manly" you still cock your leg at a girly angle or part you lips ever so slightly as a cock tease would do.

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