Sinning in Sin City

I know it's been a long, long while. I was getting ready to go on a trip to Las Vegas! Full disclosure: I actually booked the trip to meet another CD who was supposed to show me around, but about a week before the trip, she stopped emailing me... so, I may not be dressing during this trip.

I'm been here 27 hours, and I've seen a lot!! I ate a $100 dinner, lost another $100 at the casino, saw my first Vegas show and showgirls show and seen some weird stuff on the monorail!!

More disclosure: I have not had this much to drink in one night since I was in high school, it's easier to find alcohol here than water.

The show I saw was called: Sin City Bad Girls. It was a neat first show to see. The female singer rocked and the Sin City girls were gorgeous. They looked so confident and sexy on stage despite the minimal amount of clothing they were wearing. I totally plan on seeing more shows while I'm here.

So the monorail... A very drunk couple got on the same monorail car as me. The guy looked in rough shape and the girl seemed very angry about that. Before we got to the next stop they both passed out! One of the better free shows I've seen ;p

Do any of you have any suggestions on things to do while I'm here??


  1. galatea_inlace said...:

    Well, there is a branch outlet of Glamour Boutique there in Vegas. They would have information about the TG, TS, CD scene there...I would suspect. I could recommend shows, but there are plenty of them to see and you should just follow your whims and what has available tickets. It has been a few years since I was there last, so there are obviously some changes that I know nothing about. You should see the inside of the Luxor for its uniqueness, if you have not already checked it out. The Venician has mock canals inside. It is all quite garish and ovef the top in a sort of mental escapee kind of way. I hope you have fun.

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