It'll (Pedi)Cure What Ails Ya

So I'm back from my Vegas Vacation. I still have my shirt so I guess that means I survived. So I have a couple more things to discuss about. On one of my last days I went to the Carnegie Deli and got a two-pound deli sandwich.

So before I get a slew of childish comments in reference to this...
- Yes my mouth was watering when I saw all that meat.
- No, I could not fit all that meat in my mouth.
- Yes, I found the meat tasty and delicious.
- Yes, it was too much meat for me to handle.
- Yes, I felt absolutely stuffed from putting all that meat in my mouth.

So, now that those are out of the way, I'm hoping not to see any immature meat puns in the comments.

The other thing I did was get a pedicure before I left. Yes, a pedicure... with nail polish. I was always curious about what a pedicure would entail and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? So, I got one at a TG friendly salon that was close to my hotel. In fact the owner was a MtF TG person herself. The pedicure was very relaxing and soothing. After walking the Vegas Strip for the past week, it was a great cap to the vacation. I got it at the A Harmony Nail Salon and I'd recommend it in a heart beat.

So I might still have a story or two from Vegas, but I'm thinking the slogan should refer to at least something I did there. Maybe if there are enough comments, you can pry it out of me ;)


  1. Evan Stephanson said...:

    I'm sure everyone is dying to know what little troubles you got yourself into. A sweet little thing like you out there amongst the glitz and the glamor and the sinners. Don't be scared. I know you want to tell someone.

  1. galatea_inlace said...:

    Love the nails, and I hope you had too much fun in LV. Drove though there twice myself in the last two weeks, and getting through on the I-15 can seem like hours at the wrong time of day. I am curious about what other shows you managed to catch, and congrats on getting out of there with your shirt. I hope that wasn't all you were wearing when you left (smile).

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i want to hear about vegas

  1. Elena said...:

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but please feel free to talk I have a feeling its going to be good. :)Please please please!

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